Using WordPress and Automation to Create Local Niche Sites

Everyone knows there is a ton of money and search traffic in the small and local niches that people search on every day. While most people focus their efforts on going after generic and high volume searches, there is still a lot of opportunity in the smaller niche markets when you can scale and automate the process.

John Martinelli has created a system called “Build It, Rank It, Sell It” that makes it very simple and effective to research and build out niche web sites very fast, while also getting these niche sites to rank very well in the search engines. Take a moment to watch the video below to see the full process of finding a niche and building out niche web sites and securing exact match domains for each.

One of these simple niche sites that John has created using his system is at If you perform a search in Google for “boca raton tanning“, you will see that the site is ranked #1 and the Google’s Keyword Tool will also show us that the exact search phrase gets around 720 searches per month. While this may not be a ton of traffic, if you are ranking #1 for the term you are getting very targeted traffic and best of all, it’s free traffic!

Now that you understand the concept of how small niche sites can work and target a tight niche audience, think about scaling this same concept for every major city or state out there… that is where the true volume and power is and where Build It, Rank It, Sell It can help you automate the process.

In short, here’s how the system works. (Full process breakdown in the video above)

Step 1: Choose Your City
Step 2: Choose Your Niche
Step 3: Launch Your Sites
Step 4: Rank Your Site
Step 5: Monetize
Step 6: Scale Your Network

Once all of this is setup, you can focus on monetizing your niche sites so they can start making money every time someone visits them. Simple monetization methods that come to mind are the use of Google Adsense, contextual advertising and running “Groupon” related affiliate offers. John will be holding a webinar tonight where he will talk about the benefits of using Build It, Rank It, Sell It and 10 different ways to start monetizing niche sites.

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