Chinese blogger sent to labour camp

When you tweet something false on the Internet here in North America, usually the worst thing that can happen is you can get sued. Not so in China where a blogger named “Lui” has been sent to a labour camp for what they call re education over there. Rumor spreading in the Chinese version of the Internet is punishable by imprisonment as this blogger found out. Reportedly, he spread a false rumor about a SARS case in Baoding. Here, doing the same thing might get you a spot on TMZ.

There’s a new biometric identity card that’s coming out for French citizens and it’s all about trying to combat identity theft across the pond.  France’s National Assembly passed the new law and over 45 million citizens there will have their fingerprints and photos stored. The government says it’s an attempt to combat identity fraud—maybe so but why does the whole idea remind me of some half forgotten episode of the X-files where Mulder stumbles on an ever expanding conspiracy?

When someone called Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gets involved with the Internet, only bad vibrations are on the horizon. And that’s just what’s about to happen when the Iranian supreme leader creates his Supreme Council of Cyberspace. It will be run by, you guessed it, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and aims to protect Iranians from “cultural invasion.” Can’t you just see Ahmadinejad making the announcement and then turning to go up a ramp with the rest of the Thunderbirds into that green ship they had?

The International Telecommunications Union might be getting more power. Who is The International Telecommunications Union, you ask? Well, it seems that this is a government agency ( shades of the X-files again ) that wants to give states more responsibility to manage data privacy and control content. Say no more.

An American firm, Blue Coat technologies, seems to have sold technology that’s being used in  Burma.  A Citizen Lab post, Behind Blue Coat: An Update from Burma., details this unfortunate incident where there’s evidence that products from the company are being used in both Syria and Burma. Yatanarpon Teleport in that country has been displaying messages that are consistent with the manner Blue technologies uses.



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Michael - March 21, 2012

I can agree how this seems like an X-files episode. I think it is one day going to end with global internet censorship that will be similar to the FCC. Thank god that Google, yahoo, and anyone that matters online is 100% against turning our internet into china’s internet by introducing governmental basic censorship programs. Anyways, I wonder how look it will take before you need an id and fingerprint to log into the internet in France.

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