8 Sites that Reward You for Being Social

It looks as though social reward sites are becoming the new trend. I’m sure you’re already familiar with Klout and how they offer you perks (products and samples) based on your Klout score. There are now many other site that are offering similar rewards as well as gift cards and even cash just for doing what you normally do on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not only is this great promotion for the brands offering rewards, but it gets you more involved on your social accounts.

Besides the obvious (Klout), let’s take a look at 8 other sites that reward you for being social.


Much like Klout, Zuvvu will give you a score based on your social influence, once you connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. You’ll then see sponsored brand messages that you can share on your social networks.

Zuvvuu - Measure your social media influence and claim your rewards.

You’ll be rewarded whenever a user clicks, signs up, or makes a purchase through your link (depending on what is required for that sponsored message). Depending on your activities, you’ll earn cash or Gold and Plastic points; these points can be used to unlock different ranks and features on the site.


PeerPerks is also similar to Klout Perks. To get started, you have to sign up with PeerIndex and you’ll then have access to the perks. You’ll then be able to claim perks that you’re eligible for (based on your PeerIndex score), get free stuff, and share it on your social networks.

PeerPerks - Get rewarded for being social.

Each perk has a “Check Now” button next to it and you’ll have to click on it and then connect your Twitter or Facebook account to see if you’re eligible.


Soovox is “slated to be a consumer destination site where users can share their shopping experiences, get involved in an exclusive brand community, and influence brands through the power of their social voice, all the while getting rewarded for every action they perform on the site”.

Soovox - Get rewarded for every action you perform on the site.

Currently, an invite is required in order to use the site. It is said to be re-launching soon with an awesome new product.


Pongr is a place to show off the brands that you love via photos, in order to unlock rewards. When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to choose 4 of your favorite brands. If you connect your Facebook or Twitter account upon signing up, you’ll also see some of your friends here who are already using the service; you can follow them if you’d like.

Pongr - Show off brands you love and unlock rewards.

Using the service is easy. Just take a photo of anything you want and upload it to earn Pongr points. Photos can be uploaded from your computer, Facebook, via email/text, or from the Web. It’s too bad they don’t have a mobile app since that would probably be the easiest way to upload photos.

Churp Churp

Churp Churp is unique in that it is only for users in certain countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia. It is said to be a community for social media addicts.

Churp Churp - Get cash rewards for sharing and discovering.

At Churp Churp you can get cash rewards for sharing brand messages, meeting new friends, and discovering content from other users.


At Shopcade you can connect with your friends (on Facebook), meet new people (on Facebook), recommend products, and get rewarded when someone purchases a product from your recommendation. As you may have guessed, yes it is a Facebook app.

Shopcade - Shop and recommend products and get rewarded for it.

Shopcade is more of a shopping app since it helps you to find deals on all kinds of products. However, these is a small incentive for using it, since each product you recommend can earn you a small commission if someone bites.


You’ve probably already heard of the new American Express social feature that lets you connect your Twitter account, in order to earn exclusive Cardmemers offers. If you haven’t heard, American Express lets you sync your AMEX card with Twitter. You can then tweet special hashtags (posted by different brands) in order to load special rewards to your card.

AMEX - Tweet your way to savings with American Express.

For example, Amazon could possibly post a hashtag called #AmexAmazon and as soon you retweet it, you can get a $10 cash back on your card when you make a $50 or more purchase at Amazon.


If you’re a Mom and love being social, you can join Social Moms for a chance to be rewarded for being part of their community.

SocialMoms - Get rewarded for being part of SocialMoms community.

They offer “exclusive, high-integrity blog sponsorships from the world’s leading brands”. You can also earn by contributed quality content to their different blog categories.

Is there a site missing? What site do you use, if any, to earn social rewards?

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