Automatically Post Your Tweets to Google+ with TwooglePlus

TwooglePlus is a simple service that cross posts your tweets (from one or more Twitter accounts) to your Google+ account. On the homepage it states that the service is “currently” free, giving the idea that it may not be free in the future. So, now is the best time to sign up.

Using the service is easy. Let’s take a look.

Getting Started

There are 4 steps to getting started with TwooglePlus.

Login With Twitter

The first step is to login with your desired Twitter account. This is done via Google OAuth, so you won’t have to enter any credentials in this step.

Connect TwooglePlus with your Twitter account in order to post your tweets.

Enter Google+ Credentials

Next you’ll have to provide your Google+ credentials. Unfortunately, I found two issues with this step.

  • Issue #1 is that in order to connect your Google+ account, you have to manually enter your Google email and Google password (no OAuth). However, I do notice the page is ‘https’ as opposed to ‘http,’ for a little added security.
  • Issue #2 is that TwooglePlus does not support Google accounts with 2 factor authentication enabled. I happen to have this security feature enabled on my main Google account, so I used my secondary account.

Choose Your Circles

Next you’ll get to choose which circles to post your tweets to. I do like this feature because you can easily create a TwooglePlus (or any other name) circle and only add the desired people that you want reading your tweets to it. If your tweets are already public though, then this really doesn’t matter.

Choose the Google+ circles to post your tweets to.

Terms of Service

Lastly, you must accept the terms and conditions of TwooglePlus, which just take a single click.

View Your Profile

Now you should be all set as far as getting your tweets from Twitter to Google+. If you ever want to pause the service, add/change the circles being posted to, or unsubscribe from the service, you can do so from your TwooglePlus profile.

View Your Profile on TwooglePlus.

You’ll also have the option to add more Twitter accounts from your profile. This will take you through the same steps as above.

View on Google+

Posting to Google+ is almost flawless. I did notice that my post was shown as being posted from “mobile”. Also, my tweets with links in them did not show a preview (thumbnail and excerpt), as usually done when posted directly to Google+. Instead, it just displays the full link.

Note: If you want your links to remain shortene, you can enable this feature on your TwooglePlus profile.

Final Thoughts

TwooglePlus is simple, easy to use, and takes only a few minutes to set up. What more can you ask for? It will be interesting to see how the service grows, since it appears at though they could be adding a paid subscription plan in the near future.

Would you be willing to pay for a service like TwooglePlus?

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