3 Essential Weight Loss Lessons For Successful Guest Posting

Weight loss is a niche everyone is familiar with, and it can teach you a lot about guest posting.weight_loss_health

In the United States and Canada, People spend thousands on weight loss programs, just to achieve the super-fabulous shape.

And for bloggers who are addicted to guest posting as a way to drive quality traffic and build credibility, we know it’s not enough to write a guest post – doing it the right way is the key.

A lot of guest bloggers still struggle to grow their blog and businesses, but you can change the approach, while sticking to the principles.

In this post, I want to quickly reveal the 3 essential weight loss lessons for successful guest posting. I actually own a weight loss blog, and the lessons I share are proven to work for you – they’re not mere lessons, rather, they’re the core lessons to succeed in every life’s adventure. Let’s dive in:

1.    Be Discipline Is Mandatory

A lot of people fail to lose weight, not because they’ve BIG obstacles stopping them, but because they aren’t disciplined. We know there are two arms to losing weight: eat the right meals, and exercise regularly. All fitness instructions can be found within these arms.

The same thing goes with guest posting. If you’re guest blogger (and you should be), discipline is the #1 secret ingredient to achieve success. If you keep tweeting and Pinning every beautiful image you find, where is the time to write your guest posts.

When I started guest posting, I didn’t apply discipline to it, and it showed in my traffic. I didn’t drive any significant traffic or attract paying clients. There is no alternative to getting published, than to sit down, research and write your contents.

Whatever the weight loss coach instructs will not work, unless the person instructed is disciplined enough to follow it.

2.    Be Consistent!

Are you consistent with guest posting?

Being consistent is closely tied to discipline and both are like Two Siamese Twins that cannot be separated. A lot of people want to lose 20 pounds in a month, but they’re not willing to stay committed to the manual given.

Waking up early to exercise can do so much to your health, even as a blogger who wants to be super-productive. Only few people persevere when they fail – others simply give up and complain.

I learnt a few months ago, that losing weight is easier than we think. In fact, all those free reports and $37 e-book is confusing people – and you don’t need any expensive weight loss program to achieve success. Just stay focused, keep at it until you see results.

Guest posting may not produce instant results, but if you remain consistent, a time would come when your contents will spread across the web, sending a handful of targeted traffic to your blog. Be consistent, that’s my secret – that’s our secrets!

3.    Free Isn’t free at all?

The best things in life are free, isn’t it?

Off course, they’re. But the best thing in life may not necessarily apply to your blog and give you success. It’s true that Google has all the answers to things you desperately need, and you pay nothing to access it.

But here is the deal: there is no free lunch anywhere. If you want to grow your blog, become popular and make money, you need to invest money. If free is the best, why didn’t you use “blogger.com” as your CMS blogging platform?

In 2008 when I was overweight, I read all manner of weight loss articles, and got no results.

But when I paid for a 2-hour weight loss program, the results of investment became clearer to me. Another vital thing to understand is that, when you invest money into your business, you become extra careful, committed and hard working.

When I launched my weight loss blog that features weight watchers promotion code and Bistro md coupon codes, I purchased well-written SEO articles and backlinks. You should do the same to your blog.

Free articles, reports and software may have some answers, but for the sake of building a viable business, set some money aside and use it to further expand your business. I learnt this weight loss lesson the hard way, don’t settle for ‘free.’

Weight Loss Lesson Recap

There you’ve it, the three weight loss lessons to make you a success in guest blogging adventures. But these lessons can equally help in your niche blogs, family and career. All in all, action is the “BEST” thing in life. See you at the top!


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