Tips to Become a Better Blogger

Almost everyone online who owns a blog wants to become a better blogger. In fact, there are many guides on the subject of being a better blogger. Some of these are free and some are paid products.
The tips I’m going to share here are free, but they will take some time and research. This isn’t a quick fix, but it can help you in the long run.

The best way to become a better blogger is to study other bloggers. Search for five blogs that get a good amount of traffic, not the A-List blogs, but medium type blogs. Look for a few in your niche, but also look into other niches that get a good amount of interaction too. You’re not just studying the blogs, but also the people behind them. You can check health niche blogs, IM blogs, affiliate marketing blogs, mommy blogs, wahm blogs. Just get a good mix to watch for about a week or two. You may even want to take notes, do a case study of sorts.

Here are some things you will be looking for:

1. How many words are their posts?
Do they write long, drawn out posts, short posts that are to the point, or do they write a medium length post with a bit of their own thoughts and personality thrown in?

2. How many graphics or infographics?
Some people use a lot of graphics, some don’t. If you notice that more people comment on blogs with graphics, this may be something you want to start doing on your own blog.

3. What is their call to action in the posts?
Do they have a sign up form or ask you to do something in each post? Even if it’s just read another related post on their blog, do they ask you to go read it or share something extra?

4. Do they ask for comments?
If so, where and what do they ask? A lot of people ask for comments and for you to share your thoughts, but not everyone does this. Some bloggers tend to get a lot of comments even if they don’t ask. However, this is something you want to pay attention to. If the people asking for comments are getting more, you can safely go with asking for more comments on your own blog.

5. How do they get traffic? Check keywords in post, whether they comment on other blogs to bring people back to their own blog, how often they tweet, Like, Google 1+, or other.
This one may take a bit more investigating as you’ll need to follow them on social media and try to track their movements between other blogs. Where do they comment? What kinds of comments do they leave on other blogs? What are they tweeting about?
These things can give you some clues as to how you should approach your own blog and people in general.

I know this isn’t the fast track to better blogging that most people are looking for, but if you want to improve your own blog and rankings it will take time and some research. Picking 5 medium-traffic blogs to follow and analyze is a great way to become a better blogger yourself because you can see first hand what is working and what isn’t.

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