Initial Steps to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

By John Rampton | Blogging

Mar 05

As a marketer, you are always trying to get the most efficiency out of your advertising.  Although Facebook ads and fan pages are relatively new in the complete history of advertising, this still holds true.  You still want to have as many people as possible clicking through on your Facebook ads and becoming a fan on your Facebook page.   Click through rates can make or break an ad campaign.  Following some basic tips can take your Facebook advertising campaign from being a simple everyday project to something that really starts to show some real signs of success.

Do Your Research

First of all, you need to know who you would like to target.  Just like in traditional market research, the users that you would like to engage are the real social hubs.  There are people with around 1000 friends.  Contrast this with the average Facebook user who has 130 friends, and you start to see the difference in the type of results you can see if you engage with those power users.  Just like real life marketing, you want those people with “big mouths” to do the talking for you.

Give Facebook Fans Special Offers

People love to feel special, and they love exclusivity.  If you are rewarding your Facebook fans with special offers available only on Facebook, they will be more likely to interact with your fan page and to continue using it for information about your brand.  If you don’t offer them anything in exchange for being a fan except for regular commercial style postings, than the user is way more likely to hide your page from its news feeds.  The best sites offer special coupons, drawings, and contests just for their Facebook fans.

Remember to Listen

Facebook users are quickly becoming used to the idea that they are the ones that generate what gets produced on the web.  Use this to your advantage.  Remember to ask your Facebook Fans what they would like to see on your page.  Get them to post photos on your page with them interacting with your product.  Ask them the type of question that will get them talking about your brand on their own page.  This interaction will help improve your Facebook Edgerank, and improves your statistics within Facebook.  Remember, these people cared enough about your product to become a fan of it on Facebook.  They probably have some strong opinions about what they want to see from you.  Not all of their ideas may be something you can implement, but even the act of asking can improve the quality of your page and your page rankings.

Coordinate Your Approach

If you place a Facebook Ad that asks people to like your page or directs people back to your Facebook Fan Page, direct them to a Landing Page that stylistically matches the graphics of the ad itself.  Credibility is important, and coordinating your marketing approach helps improve your appearance of credibility.

These are the initial steps you need to take to improve your overall Facebook social media campaign. If you’d like to learn how to run a contest on social media, you can do so here.


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Rosemary Jayne March 6, 2012

You’ve convinced me, as soon as I work out how to make custom tabs on the new Facebook timeline I’m going to give something free to everyone who likes my page!

News of MP March 6, 2012

Very nice article all four point pretty good. These days facebook is a pretty good source to get good amount of people for the campaign. Its really important to use it in a good way and improve it. This article will help me to improve a lot.
Thank you

kamal March 6, 2012

Hi Jhon,
Thanks for sharing this Useful and valuable article. Social Media is becoming a bursting for product sharing and Facebook is No #01. Your article must be helpful for newbie.

Bilal March 6, 2012

This is a good tip/s for Facebook user like me. You are right, giving something for free is one way to attract and invite visitors to like your page even buy your products (if you are selling).

John March 7, 2012

Impressive, i shall be using these for my own campaign.

Darlene March 8, 2012

So true! We found that constant sneak peeks on our fan page led to many more likes. People are always curious to see what’s going on if it’s not on the website. The tricky thing is how to let people know that there’s bonus freebies going on in facebook without making the website itself look cheap.

Sokun March 12, 2012

I couldn’t agree with you more on this. The points I love the most are “Give Facebook Fans Special Offers” and “Remember to Listen” because I found these 2 techniques work really well for my friends’ pages. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet tested them. I plan to do next month. ;D

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