High Volumes of Quality Traffic from Findology Media

Getting quality traffic on the web is always a challenge, as is finding the right platform to properly monetize your web properties. You want to have options, but you want these options to be effective. One network that you may consider for both sides of the equation is Findology. The “interactive media” company offers an advertising, marketing, and traffic monetization platform with your choice of several creative opportunities.

Advertising and Monetization Platform

This was my first time hearing of Findology, but the company has been around for over a decade, pioneering the online advertising industry. The network of publishers generates billions of monthly impressions.

Rather than focusing on just one or two advertising products, Findology has worked to provide a range of “customized products and services to drive publisher revenue and achieve advertiser goals.” These products include sponsored listings, custom feeds, and standard contextual advertising.

Three Main Solutions

Whether you are coming from the perspective of the advertiser or the the publisher, you’ll find that there are three core products being offered by Findology: PPC, CPV, and Run-of-Network.

The Pay Per Click Search Network allows advertisers to target their marketing efforts geograpically, as well as the ability to hand-select the publishers and network partners where you want your ads to appear. The minimum deposit is just $25 and bids start at three cents. From the perspective of the publisher, you are offered a PPC feed for your search driven traffic inventory. This feed can be implemented in content sites, of course, as well as toolbars, search engines, domain networks, and so on.

Next, we have CPV network. Visitors are sent directly to the advertisers website in a new browser window “when they search for a specified keyword or browse to a relevant website.” Advertisers can utilize keyword or URL targeting, as well as category and geotargeting. Publishers have the option of displaying pop-up, pop-under, or interstitial ads. This helps publishers, as they don’t need to worry about click-thru rate.

And finally, there is the run-of-network. As its name implies, this removes all of the targeting and allows either the PPC or CPV ad to appear across the entire network. This taps into a global audience and, from the publisher’s perspective, allows you to fill otherwise unfilled ad inventory.

The Search Network

Yes, there are publishers who work with Findology, but Findology itself maintains a family of web properties for driving traffic to advertisers too.

The biggest category here are the local properties that function largely as local business directories. This network serves 18 million business listings across the United States, supplementing the local detailed information with advertising for relevant products and services. The network also contains “unique informative articles” to drive search traffic their way.

Quality of Traffic En Masse

There are countless ad networks out there for to consider, both as an advertiser and as a publisher. While Findology doesn’t go into the deep end with absolute uniqueness, it does appear to offer a seriously solid platform. Powerful internal metrics and fraud prevention tactics help to ensure that advertisers are truly gettting quality traffic, complete with on-demand reporting and conversion tracking.


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