Romancing With Readers, And Why You Should Get Over Your Obsession with Traffic

Valentine is over but the love is still in the air. You can feel the passion for the one you love and care most. And you care for her because she care for you. Though there is no need to reciprocate the same feeling, it is treated as a de facto rule in the . Now you might be wondering why I am blabbing the lovey-dovey things over here. Yup, I got a reason and the reason is you blog is being loved by a group of people better known as readers and you need to reciprocate their love in one form or the others. However, please for God’s sake do not mess up readers with the traffic volume. Traffic volume is nothing when compared against readership. However, if you are still confused, let me simplify thing for you:

Why You Should Not fall In Love with Traffic

A beautiful lady is supposed to a long line of devotees who are all doing weird sort of thing to attract her attention and if I am asked to explain that thing in technical language, I must say the competition is stiff there. A fair lady is like a sudden spike in traffic volume; both are good, attractive, highly desirable and highly temperamental and there is greater possibility that you cannot keep her happy for  long time. Heartbreak is somewhat certain here unless you are a damn hot guy. Now apply the same attributes on traffic. Everyone around is rushing after it but the problem is that it is temporary in nature and unless your blog is really high in quality, it is almost certain that you cannot retain much of it in coming days. So, take a realistic note of the situation and think twice before you fall in love with traffic.

Why Readers are a Safer Option

I do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling here but the fact is that you have to choose the One who can understand you and ‘Love The Way You Are’. Rather than going mad in love with a Hollywood actress, or something of that far fetched thing, you need to think twice. Find someone like you whom you can trust or someone who is not going to leave you no matter what. This is where the concept of readership comes into being. Readers are your blog’s most precious asset. They will come to your website even if your blog is banned by Google and they will be spreading your words without any kind coercion from your part. They are the trusted fellows out there who just want your love and care and nothing else. Do you afford to ignore them? Simply not, so show your gratitude and love to them in the next valentine.

How You can Romance with Your Readers

You need to show your readers that you care about them and give them credible reasons to stick around and come back for more. This can be done by publishing a series of really great quality article or by offering some freebies. Respond to their comments and inspire them to come back for more.  It is much easier than romancing with a girl of flesh and blood, readers are less complaining folks and their demands are not that much astronomical.

So, this is not that much tough task after all. So, go on continue your romance with your readers. I am better off with my old and faithful girlfriend. And please keep me posted.

This guest post was written by Michael Evans, a blogger and social media addict. He is passionate writer and loves experimenting with FBML and facebook marketing. Check some of his facebook templates at

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