More Censorship and Cloud Offerings On The Way,

There are more countries that are lining up to censor websites and the latest being Pakistan shouldn’t really be all that surprising. This follows that country’s filtering and blocking sites as well as SMS web messaging and with an election in the country on the way, it seems that Internet freedom will be one of the causalities in that part of the world. All that according to Shahzad Ahmad, country coordinator for Bytes for All, Pakistan, a human rights group that strives for Internet freedom in that country.


The proposal even has its own name and the National URL Filtering and Blocking System would filter file types and file levels as well as filtering and blocking all the way from domain level files to sub-folder types as well. There are a host of other applications for this new form of Internet censorship including a list of up to 50 million URLs they can restrict.


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has defended their blocking and censoring saying that they are only after the material that is blasphemous or otherwise objectionable.  Pakistan joins a long list of other countries like China that have already implemented and had Internet censorship vehicles in place.


There is other more positive news on the Internet front as far as the ability to share and download files with The Cloud goes. Microsoft and Apple have new functions coming out for their online storage services and they’ve both given a sneak peak recently.  Along with that, a newcomer is making quite a stir and Dropbox is presenting Android users with 50GB of free online storage.


Getting this storage offer has a few different requirements that shouldn’t be a problem. First of all, the Box app for Android needs to be downloaded and then you need to create an account. After that you’ll have the app on your desktop and you can share the files you upload from The Cloud with others and even see them on your mobile device.


Other noteworthy achievements include Microsoft’s OneNote application for iOS that it says has been tweaked for the iPad. The move that came back in December was significant because the application runs on iPad in full resolution rather than as a variation of an iPhone app.


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