What My Weight Loss Blog Taught Me About Successful Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and my weight loss blog has been around for almost 3 years. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that blogging isn’t any different from other real world business and that real effort is required if you really want to succeed. Like with any other business, it is important for bloggers to realize that being smart is critical to success. This field is getting more competitive and we all have the same potential for success and to reach the same audience. You might easily set up a store in your area and not fear competition from people in another state or country, but with blogging competition is from every corner so you have to be smart. I have learned quite a lot of lessons blogging over the years and this article will be sharing some of the top lessons my weight loss blog taught me about successful blogging.

1. Results are Rewarded, Efforts Aren’t

“I wrote 15 guest posts last month”

“I published 3 articles a day on my blog last month”

“I will spend 10 hours a day on my blog for the rest of this month”

This are common phrases you will hear from new bloggers or even some bloggers who have been in the game for some time now, but the question is, is it really necessary? Do you really need to do that and how much impact will it have on your blog on the long run?

If there’s anything I have learned over the years as a result of blogging it is that results are rewarded, not efforts. In other words, you can put thousands of hours into marketing your blog in a year but that is no guarantee of success.

Of course, what this requires is that we start thinking smart, not hard. Instead of thinking about how much effort you will put into your blogging why not think about how much results you will get? This will help you change your thinking pattern and as a result ensure you only invest your time into what will really produce results.

A great example of this is the article on the best weight loss programs on my blog; it look less effort than usual to get this page ranked #1 for my desired keyword, but I was smart about my approach and I was able to increase its ranking faster than any other page.

Being smart is mostly about learning from your failures and observing other people’s success. You don’t necessarily need to test every approach, but you can bolster your results by refining what works best for you.

2. It Isn’t Really about How Much Reading but How Much Acting

I’ve made this mistake for a long time and I still see a lot of bloggers making it. Ask some bloggers how much time they spend blogging every week and some of them will tell you it is 60+ hours or more. Ask them to break down their activities for that 60 hours and you will notice more than half of that time is spent reading and on social media sites. Reading isn’t acting, and it hardly helps your blogging. The reality is that a smart blogger only need to read around 5 – 10 articles a week to be effective, and what this means is that you should watch and be careful of which blogs you’re subscribed to. In other words, reduce the amount of time you spend reading other blogs and start taking action based on what you read.

Don’t just read the top 5 traffic generation tactics, act on them and leverage them to help improve your results. Successful blogging is a lot more about acting than reading so make sure you spend your time wisely.

3. Your Headline is as important as Your Article

This is something I had to discover the hard way but discovering it has helped me shape my articles and as a result achieve more success. The reality of blogging is that it isn’t all about writing epic articles that is detailed and easy to understand; no one will even come across your article if it doesn’t have a good headline, let alone understand it. In other words, your headline is just as important as your article itself so make sure you put more time into coming up with a catchy headline.

If your main aim for an article is to get a lot of shares on social media make sure you invest at least half the time it took you to write that article on the headline. Come up with a list of potential headlines you can use and review them several times to ensure you get better results.

4. Passion Can be Your Best Friend, Yet Your Worst Enemy

“Only blog about subjects you have passion for”

“Only write articles when you have passion for it”

“Only publish new posts when you’re passionate about it”

Those are the most deadly words that can be spoken to any blogger yet it is the motto of a lot of people. The reality is that passion is a good thing but organization is even more important. Make sure your blogging growth isn’t hampered under the guise of not having passion for a particular task at the particular moment.

I know that passion is indeed key to blogging success because blogging takes time to yield results, and it is very difficult to keep investing time and effort into something you’re not that certain of. The key in this situation is to look for elements that can kick you into your passion zone and then work on artificially creating that passion. In other words, you might not be passionate all the time but you can look for an element associated with your passion and use it to kick yourself into the zone. For example, for some people music is all they need when they write. These people can hardly cope without music, but with the right music they can write non-stop for hours. In this case they only need music to enter the passion zone.

What motivates you might be different; it might be reading, dancing or doing something else. Look for that one thing that brings back the spirit in you and that makes you want to do everything to get results. Put as much effort as you can into getting the best of it and your passion will rise again for it.

This post was written by, John, a blogger and writer.

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