Blogging Tops Advertising as Highest ROI for Online Marketing

By John Rampton | Blogging

Feb 13

Do you realize what you’re blogging about has more ROI worth to your business then traditional advertising does?  According to a study done by Hubspot about one of their clients.

Truth be told, this company has made great progress implementing an inbound marketing strategy using HubSpot’s internet marketing software.  In addition to using the software they also hired a PR agency that wanted to help them make a big splash. The company purchased 3 in-game and 17 pre-game and post-game spots in its local market at a total cost of $54K.

The ads used a tracking phone number — which means the business knew which incoming calls were a result of the commercial — and encouraged viewers to visit the company’s homepage; other than that, there was nothing in the ad campaign integrating the offline efforts with their website or another online presence like social media. According to Nielsen Ratings, their ads were seen by 2.8 million viewers.

Results:  11.8% spike in traffic on Super Bowl Sunday. See example below.


During that same time they ran a Super Bowl add paying upwards of $1 million dollars for a 20 second spot.  They tracked both individually and saw that the blog posts and video marketing generated 10x the traffic then the Super Bowl ad.  Basically, they spend $42K on blog posts and video marketing and got 10x less results out of this.

These blog posts and video blog posts also helped it’s increased its organic traffic by 567% and its overall traffic by 583% in less than a year.  This is crazy growth for this company.  If any of you are blogging, keep up the good work and keep doing it.  It will be far more valuable then anything else that you could be doing!


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