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Blogging Tops Advertising as Highest ROI for Online Marketing

Posted by on 13th Feb 2012 | 11 comments

Do you realize what you’re blogging about has more ROI worth to your business then traditional advertising does?  According to a study done by Hubspot about one of their clients.

Truth be told, this company has made great progress implementing an inbound marketing strategy using HubSpot’s internet marketing software.  In addition to using the software they also hired a PR agency that wanted to help them make a big splash. The company purchased 3 in-game and 17 pre-game and post-game spots in its local market at a total cost of $54K.

The ads used a tracking phone number — which means the business knew which incoming calls were a result of the commercial — and encouraged viewers to visit the company’s homepage; other than that, there was nothing in the ad campaign integrating the offline efforts with their website or another online presence like social media. According to Nielsen Ratings, their ads were seen by 2.8 million viewers.

Results:  11.8% spike in traffic on Super Bowl Sunday. See example below.


During that same time they ran a Super Bowl add paying upwards of $1 million dollars for a 20 second spot.  They tracked both individually and saw that the blog posts and video marketing generated 10x the traffic then the Super Bowl ad.  Basically, they spend $42K on blog posts and video marketing and got 10x less results out of this.

These blog posts and video blog posts also helped it’s increased its organic traffic by 567% and its overall traffic by 583% in less than a year.  This is crazy growth for this company.  If any of you are blogging, keep up the good work and keep doing it.  It will be far more valuable then anything else that you could be doing!

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Full Time Computer Nerd, Founder at PPC.org & Blogging.org. Follow me on Twitter @JohnRampton

11 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by WebWiz on 13th Feb 2012

    “Basically, they spend $42K on blog posts and video marketing and got 10x less results out of this.” This doesn’t make sense. Did you mean to say 10x more and not less?

  • Posted by Chris on 14th Feb 2012

    While I agree with what you are saying — blogging is important and there is a very hefty ROI that comes along with it — there are a lot of variables missing, and to say, “Do you realize what you’re blogging about has more ROI worth to your business then traditional advertising does?”, is a little to broad of a statement. There are too many variables involved and this does not apply to all businesses. Kudos to Hubspot for landing that account and seemingly making it a success. Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted by sumon Ahmed on 15th Feb 2012

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  • Posted by sharad on 16th Feb 2012

    That blogging tops as Highest ROI for Online Marketing is great news for me. I have started my online business recently through a blog and this is always a great news for me though I have long way to go.

  • Posted by Bill - WebOutsource on 16th Feb 2012

    Blogging is amazing, but not at all easy to win at… The entry barrier is so low that you really need to be relevant and original, otherwise it’s the sea of ignorance… :D

  • Posted by mike on 17th Feb 2012

    Thanks John… Yes, unfortunately we believe in the ROI of blogging. Generally our company began blogging to show our clients that it could be done. That regardless of how little time you might have taken 30 minutes a week to write a quality blog was worth it… 2 years later we’ve found out that it’s meant a great deal to us not just to our clients.. I blog not cuz I love it but because it’s just good for business!

  • Posted by Hangar on 17th Feb 2012

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  • Posted by Nimsrules on 18th Feb 2012

    Great post. Yes blogging has proved to be a magnet for visitors/consumers and has been effectively moulded to serve as a digital billboard if u may say so.

  • Posted by Construction Jiggy on 20th Feb 2012

    It’s good to know that all of our blogging work is hopefully going to pay off. It might take some time but in the end it could make a huge difference.

  • Posted by real estate agent in india on 22nd Feb 2012

    This is a really good post. Must admit that you are amongst the best bloggers I have read. Thanks for posting this informative article.

  • Posted by Latest Designs Of Sofa on 25th Feb 2012

    Thanks John Rampton.
    I guess I am always looking for the magic formula to express lifetime value of SEO. But that is chasing a dream as every situation is different, and you need real sales/conversion data in order to predict accurately. Great post though!