One Simple Process to Take for More SEO Traffic

data miningSEO can be very difficult if you’re just starting and have little to no experience or authority to start with. Of course, there are tons of tutorials online about SEO and link building, but most of them can be sometimes complicated and long-term that it seems you’re not getting as much results for the efforts you put in. In this article I will be sharing a process I use to increase traffic to my blog from the search engines; using this process alone I have been able to increase SEO traffic to one of the pages on my blog from around 400 to 3,000+ visitors monthly. This technique isn’t automatic, it takes some time and effort but I can assure you that the results will be worth it at the end.

The Process is Called “Data Mining”

The idea is simple, take a look at the top 25 – 50 keywords sending traffic to your blog, try to look for common variations of keywords relevant to your blog, try to see if you’re not yet ranking #1 for those keywords and work on getting to #1. We rank around page 2 – 5 for most of those long-tail keywords that send us trickles of visitors every day, now imagine how much more traffic you will be able to get if you are able to be ranked #1 for that keyword on page 1. Of course, it will take some efforts but you will find it much easier to rank compared to if you were to start optimizing from scratch, simply because you’re already ranking for that keyword and only need to improve your rankings.

The good thing about this is that you can do it over and over again and there will always be new keywords to rank for; the great thing is that it takes little to no effort to rank and the traffic is completely relevant to you, and over time you will find yourself automatically ranking for most of the keyword variations.

In other words, no need to write new content, no need to do any keyword research, just look for those keywords and take necessary steps to start ranking.

You Need BACKLINKS, though

Even though the process is still relatively easy you still need backlinks so you should do your best to get as much of them as you can. My favorite approach for gaining backlinks at the moment is guest blogging, simply because it helps you gain authoritative backlinks while still giving you control over the links you’re able to gain. If you’re new to the idea of guest blogging you might want to check out this article on my blog about it.

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