Nailing Down Your Niche

You’ve heard it a thousand times; you need a niche. Maybe you’ve tried several with some success but not the success you want. Or maybe you try one and it really doesn’t fit, so you try another, and then another. It seems like it’s a never-ending quest to find what you’re good at and can make money doing.

I’ve been there. I’m a writer. I “thought” my niche should be writing. The thing is, I’m not passionate about writing about writing. I love to write, I just don’t want to talk about it all day. I also love Internet Marketing, and while it’s not my true passionate niche, I do have a newsletter called, “The Write Marketing.” It goes out once a month, which is manageable, and covers topics on writing and marketing. However, it’s not my “have to do this” niche. It’s more of a side niche to break the monotony of daily writing.

It’s literally been years since I started searching for that “perfect” niche that fits me. I ran a health and fitness blog for a few years, and while I enjoyed that, it wasn’t my passion.

I’ve finally decided what it is that I’m supposed to do and I’ve started working on that area. I’m not ready to announce the website yet, but it’s in personal development. If you’d like to know when it’s launched you can sign up for the newsletter I mentioned above.

How did I decide this? Not long ago I decided I needed some training. I was floundering around in the marketing world, buying products and still not getting anywhere. I discovered a membership site called, “Nicheology.” I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s a ton of how-to videos inside and real, no-bones-about-it advice—solid advice. The main theme for Paul Evans (the owner) is to keep things simple and understandable.

I went through the video series on, “Find Your Niche,” and that’s when it hit me that I need to do what I do best–inspire and motivate. It was under my nose all along. Imagine that.

If you feel lost and can’t find your niche or just need some instruction on marketing, setting up blogs, profit systems, there’s a plethora of information inside Nicheology. You get tons of training and even monthly products that you can use in your business. All for less than $30 per month.

Stop chasing your tail and make a wise investment in your business and your future.



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