Productivity for Bloggers; How to Get the Best of Your Time

productivity for bloggersMarketing, writing, networking and the likes are things we all do and see others do every day, and also with the amount of information online touching these subjects it becomes extremely easy for us to do them. For example, we all see the process of marketing, writing and networking most bloggers follow; we see exactly what they do and how they do it, and some of them are even kind enough to go to the extent of documenting their process for us. But the question is, have you ever wondered how a particular blogger is able to do everything he does and still have a life? Most of us find it difficult to understand how superstar bloggers create time for everything they do without sacrificing what really matters; their life, their relationships and their families.

I have good news for you! This article will be focused on helping you be more productive as a blogger.

Step #1. Have a Home Office

Having a home office is one of the cool things that just happened to me and the experience has been exhilarating. It has been a great experience and I find myself not wanting to leave the office anymore these days. I spend an average of around 12 hours daily in my office, yet I still don’t want to leave it at the end of the day. Why? I’ve found a place more conducive and fun for my working. No disturbances or distractions, I can create my own space and give it my own look and feel. The same thing can work wonders for you.

You might believe there is no need to spend additional money creating a home office “just for your blogging”, but you’ll be surprised. You need to start taking your blogging serious if you want it to take you serious, and that means you also have to keep investing more effort into making your environment the perfect place for you.

You will be at least 5 times more productive in a place without distractions than you will be in a place filled with distractions so make sure you have an office, or at least a room, dedicated just for your blogging.

Step #2. Create a Schedule

The next step to follow is to create a schedule for both your home office and blogging.

Make sure you have a fixed time to go to the office, and a plan on how to use that time. Don’t ever spend less, or more, than your appointed time in your home office or you will end up losing motivation. It might be tempting to keep working till 8PM when you initially planned to be closing at 5PM, but the reality is that, while it might be fun at first, you will end up burning out and all your efforts will have been wasted.

Make sure you have a strict schedule to follow and ensure you only use your time for what you planned to use it for.

Step #3. Set Goals, and Reward Yourself for Achieving them

Most of us just go through life setting goals, achieving them and repeating the same cycle over and over again. The reality is that you can only take so much of that, and sooner than later you will end up giving up. A solution to this is to create plans to reward yourself for every goal you achieve, and no, that reward shouldn’t be the product of your goal. In other words, if you plan to get an additional 10,000 visitors to your blog in a particular month by publishing 25 guest posts on top blogs in your niche, the reward of sticking to that goal shouldn’t be the 10,000 additional visitors…it should be something else totally unrelated to your goals. It could be giving yourself a day off, or treating yourself to a cruise or whatever else you find pleasing. Make sure your reward isn’t something that kills your passion, but something that makes you happier and determined to do more.

Step #4. Create Constant Changes, that can be Felt and Grasped

This is one particular lesson I’m starting to come to terms with lately. If you studied how human beings work you will notice that one of the best ways to motivate them to give their best is to employ constant, creative change. In other words, while you might have heard about the latest techniques that work really well to make people act better and work better, the reality is that that approach will only last for so long, as is with everything in life. There is only one solution, though; always work on creating changes. Make sure your working environment is always new, make sure your passion for working is always renewed and make sure your rewards for getting things done are constantly changed.

Getting used to the same version of one thing at the same time will soon wear you off, so introduce some changes every once in a while. It could be rearranging the furniture in your office, it could be repainting it, it could be adding music to it and it could be implementing the mundane in ways you’ve never seen. Make your working space feel different and your drive to work will come alive again!

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