SnatchCode Helps You Backup Your Website and Databases with One Click

Securely and Automatically Backup Your Website with SnatchCodeSnatchCode is a one-click solution for backing up your website and monitoring it for changes. Not only that, but it will scan your website daily for viruses, malware, and unwanted/unauthorized changes.

With each new authorized changed, SnatchCode creates a new snapshot of your website. Depending on which plan you choose this will be done on a daily or hourly basis. You’ll be able to download these snapshots if needed, in order to restore your website to a previous version. For all unauthorized changes, you’ll be notified immediately via email.

SnatchCode also uses a 256-bit encryption for all communications and “all data processing is performed on servers isolated from direct access to the Internet”. With each new scan, SnatchCode is said to get smarter and better at protecting your website.

Getting Started

First you’ll need to register with an email address, password, name and phone number. Your email address will also be your username.

Adding a Website

Next you’ll be able to add your website. As long as you have FTP access, your website platform is supported; so yes, it will also work with self-hosted blogs.

Add Your Website to SnatchCode

You’ll need to enter your username, password, hostname ( or IP address), and port (usually 21 for FTP). Since this is sensitive data that you’re entering, the page where you enter this information is encrypted for your security.

SnatchCode Encryption

Backing Up Your Website

Once your website has been added, all you have to do is click on the “Backup Now” button and you’re all done. SnatchCode will begin with the monitoring and automatic backups. Backups typically take around 48-72 hours, but this also depends on the size your website; larger websites could take days to complete. You’ll be notified via email when the backup is done and/or if any issues are found.

Backing Up Your MySQL Database

SnatchCode also has a database backup feature, which is currently in beta.

Backup Your MYSQL Database with SnatchCode

It works the same way as backing up your website except you need to enter your MYSQL username, password, database URL or IP, and database/schema name.

Other Features

If you ever wish to undo changes to your website, you’ll first need to upgrade to a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise account. The option will then be enabled on your dashboard. This is a nice feature because if you happen to change something on your website and totally mess it up, you can simply go back to a previous version before you made that change.

Undo Changes on Your Website with SnatchCode

As mentioned above, you can also download your backups to your computer for further safe keeping.


  • Free: Comes with a storage limit of 250MB for 1 site; backup is done automatically on a daily basis.
  • Plus: Comes with a 750MB storage limit for an unlimited number of sites; backup is done automatically on an hourly basis.
  • Pro: Comes with 30GB of storage for an unlimited number of sites; backup is done automatically on an hourly basis.
  • Enterprise: Comes with an unlimited amount of storage for an unlimited number of sites; backup is done automatically on an hourly basis.


If you’re a WordPress user, using a backup plugin doesn’t always make sense. There are some plugins that will save your backups to Dropbox or another secure server, but most will only backup to your own server. So if your server happens to crash, you’re still in trouble because your backup was on that same server and it will be lost as well.

With SnatchCode, your backup is saved on their server so there’s no worries about losing your backups.

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