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Trying my best to keep it all organized

Posted by on 8th Jan 2012 | 1 comment

I have a friend who is an old style freelance writer and I’ve heard her bark before about the state of the freelance writing world and how people like me are ruining it for people like her since the wages online are, for the most part, a lot lower than what you can charge for more involved magazine articles and such.

While that’s true it also makes sense. More often than not, I’m not copywriting when I put together the pages for a website or a series of optimized blogs for a client. This isn’t investigative journalism either.  To stay competitive, I had to adopt a formula that brought good solid content and the ability to move ahead quickly to make a living all under one umbrella. That means I had to change my habits for the online world.

First of all you need to be organized here and while I’m still no expert at that ( how are you supposed to hold the pieces of your day still when that blinking pavlovian light on your BlackBerry is continually going off?) there are a few things I do to keep things sane.

Old school day planners are a staple of my life. I need to plan what I’ll be doing from one day to the next on paper and even then there’s still that constantly blinking light changing my plans for me.

Another old school piece of writer’s equipment works wonders too. I got a dry erase board a while back and the best thing about it is I can change what’s on it as quickly as my BlackBerry changes the plans for my working day.

Now that I’ve run down my smart phone , I should really give it the nod for helping me to organize my days. I’m not really big on apps but I do use my BlackBerry to get the emails that would otherwise be bounced straight to my laptop and that helps me to get a handle on what’s waiting for me at home when I’m out and about.

Truth is, content writing on a full time basis is fast and ever changing. I started out to write an article about how I keep my days organized and realized that my plans change all the time. That’s why I keep a few different tools on hand to try to keep things organized. Gotta go now. That red light is calling.




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  • Posted by wilson bingo gavin on 25th Jan 2012

    Funny post (: Lennon was the one who sang “Life is what happens to you while your’e busy making other plans”…I liked the erase board idea!