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Comment Form Leads to 404 Page?

Posted by on 5th Jan 2012 | 1 comment

I was having a problem on my Work In My Pajamas blog where people could leave comments, but then they’d be directed to a 404 page. The comments were working okay, but the visitors didn’t know if they were or not, therefore I was getting duplicate comments and messages that my site was “broken”.

So when I was trying to figure out the problem, I then noticed the links listed under “Recent Comments” did not work either! I saw the permalink structure was like this:


When I took out the comment-page-1/ string, the link worked! Okay, so how do I get rid of that string permanently?  And I was off to visit my best friend for help. I refreshed my permalinks. I changed my .htaccess file. I updated my theme. I searched all the files in the Appearance Editor. Nothing helped. Just as I was about to pull my hair out, I found this post. And here is exactly what I did in case you are having the same problem:

  • Log into WordPress Dashboard
  • Under Setting, Click on Discussion
  • Unclick “Break comments into pages…”
  • Save Changes.
  • Hooray, comment form and links work once again!

Further reading said it probably had something to do with updating my MySQL database and then upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Not that I care. I just care that my site works again! And if I ever build up enough comments to warrant pagination of them, then that will be a good problem to have!

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  • Posted by Dude Ranch Colorado on 5th Jan 2012

    I think we have a similar problem. I’m also going to try your steps on our blog. Hopefully it works also.