Advertising and Searching: The Difference for Google

Advertising on the web could really be tricky especially if you have no idea of what you’re doing. Greenhorns at the online advertising gig could really get in heaps of wasted money if they don’t know what they’re doing, especially because the costs of advertising online could stack up quickly if one is not careful enough. Big websites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing offer people a great way to advertise on their sites. Why their sites you ask? It’s because these websites are the top search engines in the world. Everybody goes to their websites just to search for things on the Internet. They’re the virtual concierge services that helps direct people where they want to be or what they want to see.

Try looking around on the Internet without the aid of search engines, and you’ll easily find yourself clucking around like a chicken without a head. Now, the services that Google and a lot of these other websites are invaluable, because they serve as the online information gateways of the Internet. This makes these search engines the best possible place to start advertising next to popular websites and blogs. But of course they’re way ahead of what you’re thinking. Google has set up a service called Google AdWords. The way this works is simple. Clients bid for keywords to tag their ads with. This way whenever a keyword is searched, their ads automatically come up on the side.

So why not just climb the results page?

Good question, but there’s a thing that you have to understand about search engines. They usually like to keep their search results as truthful and as relevant as possible. Adding a couple of websites or ads with links on the results page would really degrade the integrity of the results. People would only get the results advertisers and companies would want them to get. Now they wouldn’t be a very nice thing for search engines to do would it? Instead, they allow people to place ads next to the results list. Besides, these ads are just as relevant as the links on the search results themselves. The problem with climbing search results is that it takes time and a lot of reputation to get to the top page. This is why a lot of Search Engine Optimization companies are so popular because they serve to raise rankings, but that’s for another discussion.

What does any search engine get out of it?

It has to do a lot with how these ads work. You see, these AdWords work like Pay per click ads. Actually, they do work like PPC ads, which means that Google charges the owners of the ad per the clicks the links receive. Pretty neat until the website you’re advertising gets a lot of hits without targeting the specific people you want. Luckily there are ways to get out of it. People can actually change the specifics on how their ads are placed. They can choose the time, and location where their ads are shown. Pretty neat isn’t it?


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