Manage Your Contacts and Connect with Others via Flup

There are various tools available that let you manage all of your contacts in one place (ie. Gist and Sprout Social), yet some have limitations and others require a paid subscription. Flup is a new service that lets you manage all of your contacts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google from a single location. It may not be as advanced as others (it’s in early beta), but it gets the job done and even adds in a few extra freebies.

Let’s see what Flup has to offer.

Getting Started

To get started, you can sign up by using your Facebook account or creating an actual account on the site. Then you’ll need to import your contacts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google. This is pretty simple.

Import Your Contacts into Flup

Viewing Contacts

Flup lets you see all of your contacts in alphabetical order – each letter on a new page. You can also filter your contacts by tag. Your contacts will already have tags attached to them, but you can edit these (see below for more info). In your list of contacts you can see icons representing links to social profiles, email addresses (though most aren’t displayed), and a description (if they have one).

Flup Contact List

There is a star next to each contact, but clicking on this does not add them to your favorites. Any contact that you star will show under “follow-ups” as a reminder that you need to contact them in the near future. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with important contacts – just add a star next to the ones that you want to remember to contact regularly.

One issue I noticed here is that Flup seems to match up contacts with the same name and then combines them. For instance, I have a friend on Facebook named Adam Smith and a different friend on Twitter named Adam Smith, so Flup created only ONE Adam Smith it my contacts. It then added the Facebook profile and Twitter profile of both Adam’s to the one contact. So be sure to watch out for that as it could cause the wrong message to be sent to the wrong contact!

Contact Details

If you need to edit a contact’s details, just click on their name in your contact list. Here you can add a note, edit their personal and business details, and add/remove tags. Under personal, you can add a mobile number, address, social links and website. Under business, you can add a job title, company, address, and phone numbers.

Contact Details on Flup

If you need to remove a contact from your list, this is also where you can find that option.

Connect with Others

Flup also has a button that you can add to your website or blog. It allows you to connect with your visitors without having to make your email address or phone number public. The button will send them to your Flup profile, so that they can see your both your personal and business contact details. It’s up to you what is displayed here.

On the downside, when I tried to go to my own profile while signed out, it prompted me to either sign up or sign in. So it looks like your visitors may have to sign up just to see your information. While this is great for protecting your privacy (because your information won’t be public), your visitors may not be too thrilled with having to sign up for the service just to contact you. Just keep this in mind.

Connect with Visitors via the Flup Button

Flup also offers 50 free cards to all users (via It’s a pretty basic card that will include your photo, name and email address (optional) on once side and your Flup URL on the other. You can also customize the colors of your card. For a free service, this is definitely a great added bonus and makes it easy to connect with people in real-life – especially if you don’t have your own business cards.

So how does Flup stack up to the others? You be the judge!

Give Flup a try and let us know what you think.

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