Basic Tips For New Bloggers

Are you a new blogger and not sure where to start? Blogging has spread like wildfire over the past few years. Those of us who have been doing it for a long time often forget that we should still share the basics.

Here are some basic tips for new bloggers

1. Keep it simple. If you’ve just started blogging, do not overwhelm yourself with monetization, SEO, traffic stats, or any of that technical stuff. Simply start writing your blog content. You have to build a good foundation before you can do any of the other stuff anyway. Now, it doesn’t hurt to target keywords, but don’t let it bog you down. Write good content and then do your keyword search.
When you go back to edit your content you can weave those keywords in.

2. Avoid information overload. It’s hard to focus on writing good content if you’re busy grabbing every free ebook available or trying to learn a new tactic every day. Information overload is one of the main reasons people fail. And yes, it still happens to seasoned bloggers, but they’ve learned to recognize when it’s happening. Stop reading books about blogging and just start blogging. After you’ve gained some experience and get traffic to your blog you can go back into your older posts and spruce them up.

3. Blog daily. If you want to create a successful blog you have to write something daily. I know you see older blogs that aren’t updated daily, but when they started they blogged every day. This is all part of building that foundation.

4. Use social media. Each post should be shared with your followers on social media sites.

5. Have fun. Most of us remember how fun blogging was when we first discovered it. However, after awhile it can become a chore. This usually happens when we start worrying about stats and monetization and forget to just share our knowledge and enjoy the process.
You can build a business with blogging, but once it starts to feel like a job, it’s time to rethink and start having fun again.

Everyone wants to build a successful blog and start making money online. But for a new blogger, you need to focus on keeping things simple and fun while building the foundation. The rest will come later. You can’t add paint and wallpaper to a new home until the foundation is set, the framework is done and the drywall is ready. Keep your blogging that simple in the beginning and think of it as building a home. It takes time to make it pretty.


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About the Author

Patti runs several websites covering PLR/Niche Content, and strives to help others through life coaching and personal development.

arslan - December 21, 2011

hi! i am a new blogger. i must try these tips on my blog
thanks for the information…………..!

Shonna - December 22, 2011

Hi Patti

It was good to read and use as a guide for this new blogger (haven’t started yet but keen to start).

bl-magazine - December 23, 2011

thanx for sharing these great informations

LeAllyson - December 26, 2011

Good message. I tend to read about blogging too much. Think I’ll just focus on writing more posts for the first quarter of 2012.

yodi - December 26, 2011

The essence of this is having fun and writing useful content – all the other stuff, such as SEO, monetization, etc. will come as the good side effect. A fellow blogger also told me, “Don’t start a blog with the money and traffic in mind.”

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