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As closely related as some people might think, bloggers and internet marketers can be just as far apart, as they are the same. I remember being at BlogWorld Expo a couple years back in Las Vegas, and in one of the sessions there was nearly an all-out brawl when a discussion came up about monetizing blog content. Bloggers can be very passionate, and when it comes to mixing ads with their blogs, it can be quite a touchy subject, however… most people are looking for a way to make a few dollars, even if it just for a fun hobby blog on the side.

While Google Adsense is a recommended and loved source of revenue for many, it can also lead to excessive space being used on a site, and also displaying unwanted and ugly banners. The next best solution? In content advertising has been on a steady rise, as many bloggers are looking to monetize their content, but not jeopardize their reader’s experience or wanting to place banner ads through out the site.

For those web site and blog owners looking to monetize their content, VigLink has created a solution for you. VigLink has based their business model off creating an advertising platform that works within the content of your blog… the real meat that everyone is actually visiting your blog to read, yet is also under monetized by many. The video below is a fun and quick walk through of how their in content advertising works.

Why VigLink is Cool and How It Works

Hats off right away to VigLink for creating a video that really explains what their service does, and making it simple and easy for everyone to understand. In a nutshell, VigLink can place relevant advertising through out the content of your web site. Instead of getting paid pennies per click, like you would with Google Adsense, VigLink is setting up actual affiliate links, so you can earn a nice commission on all referred sales.

You can see an example of how VigLink would work on your web site if you happen to mention “ebay” in your site or blog content.

Sure, you could join a ton of affiliate program and set the links up on your own, but this would be a massive job in itself… especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of blog posts! Then you would have the issue of having to login and track all of these affiliate links separately, and possibly have to wait for multiple sales before every meeting the check minimum. With VidLink, all of those nasty complications are solved and run within one network. and platform.

VigLink is also great because they are compatible with many other advertising platforms as well. If you want to serve Google Adsense on your web site, you can also serve VigLink as well. Are you writing reviews on products and linking back to That’s still fine… now you can monetize your web sites in more ways than before, and not have to worry about your ad spots competing with each other.

All it takes is an email address to get started, and you won’t have to wait for an approval team to get back to you. Once you sign up, you will have instant access to your site code and can start serving content ads on your site. Join VigLink now and start getting paid for your blog content.

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