How to Get When It’s Already Taken

Does someone own your real name as a domain name, or even the name of your business? It happens all too often and since domains are only around $10 each, it’s way to cheap and easy for people to just register a ton of domain names. So what are you to do when someone owns a domain name that you want?

Here are a few ways to get that almighty domain you have been waiting for!

Contact the Domain Owner Directly

Sure, this one sounds a ton easier than it actually is. Unfortunately, most people who own a domain name and doesn’t have a fully functioning web site, simply don’t want to be found. On top of that, many domains are just parked pages owned by domain farms, which won’t even talk to you for less than $10,000 offer on a domain name. Lastly, if there is already a fully developed web site at the domain name you would like to own, that will also be a big issue.

Those are some of the scenarios which make it extremely hard to get in contact with the domain owner. The easiest way to get the contact information for a domain name (if it isn’t on their web site), is to perform a Whois Search. As mentioned earlier, where people don’t want to be found, sometimes this information will be blocked or have fake information.

Some domain name services such as, charge a fee and they will try and get in contact with the domain name owner, so you can ask if they are willing to sell.

Domain Back Ordering Services

If you can’t get a hold of the person who owns the domain name you want, the next best solution is to use a domain back ordering service. In short, these services will monitor and track any domains you would like to buy. Should they ever expire and get released again, these services will grab the domain for you and sell it to you directly if no one else is interested in the domain. If there are multiple requests for the domain name, it will go into a domain auction.

I’ve been able to secure some amazing domain names through these services, but it’s just random luck on what domain names will actually drop and expire, but it does happen! In one case I was trying to contact the domain owner, and I would have paid a few thousand for the domain name, but I never heard back from them and the domain dropped a couple years later and I got it for $69.

Two great domain back ordering services I use are NameJet and Pool.

Dealing with Someone Else Owning Your Domain Name

Unfortunately there is only so much you can do when a domain you want is owned by someone else. If you have a trademark or copyright on a business name and someone else is using it, there are legal processes for acquiring the domain name. If you are unsuccessful in acquiring your domain name, be sure to register with multiple domain back ordering services and even try to use professional contacting services like the one GoDaddy offers.

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