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Have you had the change to use Google+ Hangouts yet? If not, is it because you can never catch anyone in a hangout? Hangout Canopy solves this problem by keeping you in the loop and letting you know about new public Hangouts around the clock. No longer do you have to wait for an invite or hope to find a cool Hangout going on from someone in your Google+ circles. All you have to do is keep an eye on the Hangout Canopy browser  button and it will do all of the work for you.

Getting Started

Since Hangout Canopy is simply a Google Chrome extension, it’s easy to get started. Just download the extension from the Chrome Web store and you’re all set.

Finding Google+ Hangouts

If you’re already signed into your Google account, you’ll see a number on the browser icon. This represents the number of Hangouts that are currently going on. Clicking on the icon will show you those public Hangouts in the ‘Stream’ section of the window.

Join Public Hangouts in the Hangout Canopy Stream

Clicking on the arrow on the right side will slide open a window over the stream that lets you go to the Google+ profile of everyone in that Hangout. There is also a Join button that you can use if you want to immediately join the party.

Keep An Eye on Favorites

The ‘Watching’ section is a great addition to this extension because it allows you to add your favorite users who you ‘d most like to hangout with. You can then keep a closer eye on them and know right away whenever they decide to create or join a Hangout.

Add Your Favorites to Watching in Hangout Canopy

In order to add users to ‘Watching’ you’ll need to get their profile URL from Google+. Now you’ll never miss your buddies again!

Random Fun

Finally, there’s the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button that you’ll probably recognize from Google search. If you just want to join a random Hangout, you can click on this button to so do. The Google+ Hangout will open up in a new tab and just maybe you’ll make some new friends!

Hangout Canopy also includes a list of the team members who are responsible for this tool along with the Twitter timeline for the Hangout Canopy Twitter account – if you’re interested in seeing what they’re up to. Donations area also welcome, but not required.

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