5 SEO Myths Examined

Over the years huge numbers of articles and information’s have been shared around the web by different people, regarding Search Engine Optimization. Since each of the information was written by the author’s point of view, we can’t be so sure what’s true and what is not. Since, I have been in the SEO field for around three years and I know how a wrong information will harm the user, I have compiled a list of five popular SEO myths to show whether it’s true fact or not.

Anchor Text:

Over the years, SEO people have written many articles about the importance of Anchor Text. If you not sure what it is, Anchor Text will be the hyperlinked text you see on a website page and when you click the text, you will be taken to another page. Example of Anchor Text is: Internet Marketing Company.

Well, is Anchor Text really important factor for SEO? Yes, it is since it will help be search engines to determine the rankings of website. For example, if you have a website about structured settlements and if you are providing tips regarding the purchase of structured settlements, then using the word “video Manchester united” as your Anchor text, will certainly increase your website rankings and authority.

Header Tags:

Header tags are nothing but that H1, H2, H3 tags you will see on a web page that will define the heading and subheading. But is it really important? Well, in my experience I haven’t seen any solid information which will suggest it’s important for search engine rankings. So, what I will suggest is, if you are using the Header Tags on your website just keep it there, otherwise just don’t worry about it.

Keyword Density:

A lot of people have asked this question to me: What is the right keyword density on a web page? Well the answer for this question is, there isn’t any. From my experience, Keyword density doesn’t play a significant role in Search Engine Optimization. If you focus on keywords while writing an article, you might end up creating a junk piece of content. So, it’s better to write naturally then just focusing on the keywords, because whatever we write on the web page will be read by the users not some bots from the search engines.

Meta Tags:

The usage of Meta Tags has been discussed many times over the web and the opinions were different. Well, from my point of view Meta tags were not important to SEO, as they were once before.  In simple words, usage of Meta tags won’t have any effects on your rankings. But if you want to use it, just go ahead but make sure you just don’t use the keyword stuffing black hat technique in it.

Nofollow Links:

If you think that Nofollow links doesn’t matter, then you are wrong. Google does count Nofollow links and if Google find a website has only Dofollow links and Nofollow links in their link profile, then it will get suspicious about the website and sometimes it will result in the loss of rankings. Well in simple words, Google prefers a good ratio of Dofollow and Nofollow links.

This may be contrary to what many people believe, but it’s a true fact. Having Nofollow links in your website link profile will certainly boost your overall search engines rankings, although you can’t rank for a certain keyword phrase.

I hope now you have clear about these popular SEO myths.

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Kasi - December 12, 2011

That’s makes a lot of sense John, keywords should be used sparingly I believe. It’s defintley some work involved. I think when you grow up as a marketer you tend to see things differently and what works best.

Childrens Wall - December 13, 2011

A nice one. I’m a beginner in SEO world. In this shortest time, I’ve learn some wrong things, that your beautiful article prove wrong. I love it very much. Keep posting….

Alex-Web design Ireland - December 13, 2011

Interesting post. I learned something new about dofollow and nofollow links. Thanks for sharing.

AMD Radeon - December 14, 2011

so, placing meta tag inside my homepage is useless. I put amd,radeon, and graphic card

Gil - December 18, 2011

Good Tips and straight to the points. I might also add that although keyword density might not be so important in SEO, it’s an absolute must to include the keyword you want to rank in, even if just once or twice. Cause if it’s not there, you won’t be seen likely anywhere for that certain keyword.

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