Create, Customize, and Publish Your Own Online Magazine with Flockler

Have you ever wanted to be the Editor-in-Chief of your own online magazine or just need an easy way to share related content on the Web? Well, now you can with Flockler. This simple content curation tool lets you create, customize, and publish content in as little as 10 minutes. Your main responsibility is finding the content to add to your magazine and Flockler will handle the rest. Best of all, your magazine will not only display on Web browsers, but it will also look great on smartphones and tablets.

Getting Started

Getting Started with Flockler

For starters, Flockler is in private beta, so you will need an invite to get started.

Once you get access, you’ll get started by adding your magazine name, description, and email address. While the magazine name cannot be changed at any time, the description can. You’ll also be asked to add keywords for your magazine, which can also be changed later if needed.

Customize Your Flockler Magazine

Next you’ll get to choose a “preset color” and upload a magazine cover.

That’s it as far as customizations; next it’s on to adding content to your magazine via the editor.

Magazine Editor

In design mode you’ll see 6 blocks where you can add content. In order to add content to your magazine, you can search through tweets, news, videos, and images or add your own links. If you have something specific (like a web site or article) that you’d like to add, your best bet is to add it by link. You can search for any of the keywords that you added when you first created your magazine; additionally, you can add and remove keywords here if needed.

Flockler Magazine Editor for Curation

If you find something that you’d like to use, you can click on it to go to the actual source page. From there you can choose to add a title and your own opinion (or short description) and then add it to your issue. If you don’t like what you see, simply close it out and go to a new result.

Add a Title and Opinion to Content

After you add 6 different items, you’ll be able to publish your magazine. If you’d like to add more than 6, you’ll be given the option once you click on the “publish” button.

After Publishing

Once completed, your published issue can be shared all over the Web and directly from Flockler to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You’ll also get your own custom URL for sharing and viewing.

Share Your Magazine on the Web

Those who visit your magazine will be able to subscribe via email, that way they’ll be notified anytime you publish a new issue. If you’d like to see a completed issue, you can view my first issue here.

Final Thoughts

After trying out Flockler, I personally have no complaints about the service. While it’s pretty basic (as far as features), it seems to work well for this type of service and makes creating a magazine super easy.

I also like that when a magazine item is clicked, it shows within a frame of your magazine – along with your opinion or description that you added along with social sharing tools at the top of the page. Another great thing about Flockler is that you can create more than one magazine, so if you’re interested in publishing content on numerous topics you’re not limited to just one niche.

I’m definitely interested in seeing how Flockler progresses and I do see myself creating another issue in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Flockler?

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