5 Excellent Cloud Tools You Should Be Using

It seems like everything is moving to the cloud from documents to photos to podcasts; plus more and more services are implementing cloud storage for security reasons. While 10 years ago you needed to have actual space on your computer or mobile device in order to save and access files, now you really don’t need much because free cloud storage is everywhere.

Since there are so many new and useful cloud tools that are regularly popping up on the scene, I decided to share 5 that I feel are extremely beneficial to bloggers and social media users. So here are 5 excellent cloud tools that you should be using, if you aren’t already.


Plain and simple, Pogoplug is “cloud storage for your mobile life”. You’ll get a free 5GB for storing files (photos, music, videos, documents) in the cloud. Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to download the free desktop software. Pogoplug also offers mobile apps for the iOS and Android so that you can easily transfer images and videos from your device. You can also add files to your storage by email; once enabled in settings, send items as attachments to upload@mypogoplug.com.

Pogoplug - Cloud storage for your mobile life.

Pogoplug is great for streaming music, movies and photos from your mobile device. You can also set the mobile app to automatically add all your photos and images to your Pogoplug cloud storage. You can even backup your cloud storage to your computer for safekeeping. With 5GB of free storage and so many great features, it’s definitely a cloud app worth checking out.


ZeroPC is known as “your content navigator for the cloud”. It supports a ton of services like Dropbox, Box.net, Evernote, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. It then lets you unify your documents, photos, videos, emails, and social content from these places within your ZeroPC account. This is great for those who have content all over the Web and want to access it safely and easily from a single location. You’ll really be able to get organized and can drag-and-drop files from your computer to ZeroPC.

ZeroPC - Your content navigator in the Cloud

ZeroPC has mobile apps for the iPad and Android and can run in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. You can check out the features page to see everything that ZeroPC can do. With a free account you get up to 14GB of cloud storage from your connected services and an additional 1GB from ZeroPC (with a paid account you get an additional 150GB).

MakeTechEasier has a really great review on ZeroPC, if you’re interested in learning more.


sideCLOUDload is a very simple service that lets you send files from URL or direct upload to the cloud, without having to download anything on your computer or mobile device. There is a 25MB files size limit and items can be sent to a Dropbox or email account.

sideCLOUDload - Send files from a URL to the Cloud

sideCLOUDload also offers a bookmarklet for quickly sending files on the fly while browsing the Web.


With Mougg you get 2GB of free storage for storing your music in the cloud. While it is free, they also offer Premium plans (unlimited songs) for $2.99/month or $29.99/year. Mougg currently has mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Mougg - Your music in the Cloud

To get started, simply upload your music by using the “upload music” link. You can organize your music into playlists via drag-and-drop. There is also a search feature for finding specific songs within your library. Mougg has an integrated music player with a few added features like sharing what you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter; you can also repeat and shuffle songs.


Flapcast is kind of like Mougg, except it’s just for podcasts. It lets you “play, share, and discuss your podcasts over the Web”. You can subscribe to podcasts from the “Manage Subscriptions” tab or import your own collection from iTunes. You can also add people to your network and see what they’re listening to.

Flapcast - Your podcasts in the Cloud

Once you subscribe to a podcast or import your own, you can listen to it with the integrated audio player (shown at the bottom of the page).

What is your favorite cloud tool?

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