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Does Tweeting Work?

Posted by on 21st Nov 2011 | 18 comments

Over the past couple weeks I have been paying attention to my Klout Score.  It goes up and down based on a variety of factors.  Klout is a site that tries to monitor your social influence over people on the internet.  It monitors how many people are seeing your posts, mainly on Twitter but says it monitors Facebook, Google +, and a few other sites out there.

I have found over the past two weeks that raising your Klout isn’t that hard.  All you have to do is Tweet constantly and Tweet something interesting to get RT’s.  The more people you get  to respond to you and RT your message the higher your Klout score will be.  I personally don’t think it has anything to do with mentions.  I have around 30 mentions on average a day because I write for so many sites. So does Klout have anything to do with mentions.  No…

This leads me to tweeting, does Tweeting really work?  Every business wants to be online and Tweeting but does it really work?  They say the average Facebook fan is worth $1/month but how much is your average Twitter follower worth.  If I had to assign a cost to each of my Twitter followers it would be $-.001 per follower.  Because I have never seen any positive influence or money from any of my followers.  Sure, I have had a few good conversations with a few people and a few people I have gotten good information.

So this is an open question for all the people that read this post.  Does Tweeting work? Let me know below how Tweeting has helped you.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Full Time Computer Nerd, Founder at PPC.org & Blogging.org. Follow me on Twitter @JohnRampton

18 comments - Leave a reply
  • Posted by Sarbjit Singh on 21st Nov 2011

    I would say NO, tweeting does not work. Most of the followers never turn into customers. The point is that the messages are so short that they are not worth conveying anything more than a status.
    This could just be me, but have not seen any practical gain in sales and revenue with increase in twitter followers.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      What field are you in?

  • Posted by Karen on 21st Nov 2011

    Whenever my husband, Scott Teeters or I Tweet out the daily Corvette posts my husband writes, we always see increased unique visitors and page views on our stats!

    This helps create more regular followers on our RSS feed emails and it enables us to offer more viewers to our blog advertisers (which include our own car art prints)!

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      How many new people are you seeing come to your blog because of it?

  • Posted by Naijadotcom on 21st Nov 2011

    I would say tweeting doesnt work on a short term but on the long term it eventually works. The most important things is the awareness your blog will create overtime.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      How long is long term in your opinion?

  • Posted by Leelo on 21st Nov 2011

    I haven’t a clue. I follow a few folks but mostly I don’t even look at the tweets as there is just too much innocuous junk being tweeted. Some is fun, some is informative, but for the most part, it’s just people thinking out loud and, frankly, most of these thoughts should be left alone and not broadcast.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      I would have to agree, most of the Tweets out there are garbage. But then again, I follow only people I want to listen too. They typically tweet good stuff.

  • Posted by Mould Removal on 21st Nov 2011

    I find Twitter drives traffic to my website, so it works in that sense. However, none of the traffic has converted

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      How much traffic does it drive to your site?

  • Posted by Liz Money Web on 22nd Nov 2011

    For me, tweeting works especially if other people retweet it. I even link my facebook fan page to my twitter account to make things easier. Even if I have Google +, I won’t give up twitter.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      Are you getting Google Plus traffic yet?

  • Posted by Ardorm on 22nd Nov 2011

    I think there is no certain answer. It all depends on who you are. For example, actors or singers benefit a lot from Tweeting since fans desire to know everything about their life.

    And ordinary people should be really lucky to get “tons” of followers who truly care about their activity.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      Do you personally benefit from it?

  • Posted by moneytreeprofits dot com on 22nd Nov 2011

    Longer term yes! it does work, but you have to do everything different to everyone esle. That is, make sure you are not spamming and actually having fun and giving good advice. Give your readers a reason to follow you. That always works best.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      How long is long term?

  • Posted by sharon akinoluwa on 23rd Nov 2011

    Judging the usability or workability of tweeting, we need to set goals or parameters upon which to base our assessments. For you, it may not be effective when considering the conversion rate, if that is your goal. Yet I could classify it effective, if it meets my goal of creating awareness for my blog. So whether tweeting works or not, is relative.

    • Posted by John Rampton on 27th Nov 2011

      What personal goals do you have from tweeting?