Successful Affiliate Marketing Tips

I’ve recently talked about mistakes in affiliate marketing and some cool ways to promote your affiliate products. Now let’s talk about some successful affiliate marketing tips.

Build Product Portfolio
I discussed that you should start off small with only one or two products. However, over time, you will want to add more to that so you can create multiple streams of income.
Another thing you want to promote is recurring products like membership sites. With these types of products you get monthly income as long as your referrals stay with the program. This can add up to a nice bit of income.

Build Your Email List
I’ve mentioned this in several posts that cover affiliate marketing because it’s that important. Your list is pretty much your life line, especially if you make the people on your list feel special and offer them great products and valuable information.

The people on your list are your best buyers. They are more willing to purchase your product recommendations than strangers are. Build that list and treat it like a gold mine, or better yet, treat it like a hard to grow exotic plant that needs lots of love and care. You can’t go wrong by treating people like they are important and special.

Promote High Quality Products
If you don’t believe in a product and love it, you’ll never make any affiliate sales. People can see through a blatant sales pitch. If you don’t have a personal investment in the product you’ll never be able to convince other people to try it. You may have a few sales here and there, but to get life long customers who trust you, you need to have some passion for the products you promote. Always promote the best products, even if the commission is lower than a shabby product. You won’t regret it.

Grow Your Traffic
You need traffic to build your list. Without traffic, you’re just dead in the water. Spend time each week promoting your website and getting people to sign up for your list. You can do this through social media, guest blogging or using article directories.

Building your list is like building a mouse trap. A mouse trap is no good if there aren’t any mice to catch, it’s just a useless contraption.

Grow your traffic, grow your list.

Don’t Forget Pre-Selling
This ties into having passion about the products you promote. Your objection here is to have people ready to buy before they ever click your affiliate link. If you can get them excited before they click the link to find out more, your conversation rates will be much higher.

This is where pre-selling comes in. Pre-selling is basically sharing your enthusiasm for a particular product. If it doesn’t excite you, it probably won’t excite anyone else.

Do you have any successful affiliate marketing tips you’d like to share? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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