Social Media and Content Marketing

By Patti Stafford | Blogging

Nov 15

If you want your marketing efforts to be more powerful and effective you need to get them working together with your social media efforts. Most bloggers and online business owners have social media accounts and utilize buttons so website visitors can share their content. Do you have them on your own site? Do you ask people to share the information?

Content marketing is one your most important marketing tactics because good content drives traffic to your site. You also need to start using social media to your advantage. However, you don’t want to go overboard. You need to share a few personal likes and dislikes once in awhile. No one wants to follow someone who markets continually. Be a real person as well as a marketer.

Here are a few ways to blend your content marketing and social media efforts.

1. Use linking. Each time you publish content on your site you should share it with your social network followers. You can tweet it, share it on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. There are many WordPress plugins that will do this for you automatically each time you publish something. It’s also a good idea to go back once in awhile and re-share some of your best content.

2. Ask people to follow you. You can use widgets or graphic links to your social media profiles. Sometimes people don’t automatically follow you just because you make it easy. You may have to ask once in awhile. You can put a text link in the body of your content if you’d like.

3. Use sites that allow you to publish a full article. Some social sites like Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn will allow you to publish full articles. Make sure you link it back to your site to get more traffic. Or you can try posting a single paragraph to get people interested.

Try a bit of both to see what works best for you.

4. Share buttons. One of my favorites is Sexy Bookmarks. It gives you a ton of options and social sites to choose from and makes it really easy for people to share your content.

5. Get social. This should be a no brainer, but we all forget to spend real time on social networks getting to know other people, sharing other people’s content and having a bit of fun. Most people love interesting images and funny jokes. Be sure to share things like that as well.

Get out there, get social and do some content marketing through social media services. Not only is social media a lot of fun, it’s also a great business building tool.


About the Author

Patti runs several websites covering PLR/Niche Content, and strives to help others through life coaching and personal development.

Neil November 15, 2011

Hi Patti,
Interesting article. Social media definitely seems to be the big thing at the moment. From what I have read google is now personalising searches based on data related to who is in your social network. If this is the case then it is more important than ever to build those social networks.

    Hello, I could not agree more. I am very active in the social media realm and attract alot of traffic to my blog this way.

    Ardorm November 18, 2011

    Wow! Neil, that is so great I have read your comment. If this is really the case, I guess it will be better to start building a fan-base on Google+. I mean, surely Google will be glad to make it’s users on the top list of searchings. :)

    Born2Sell November 19, 2011

    Interesting view and I agree on your statement about “Use linking”. But somehow I think the real challenge on social media marketing is “how to attract strangers into our market base” .. and so far there is still no tips on these matters …

Theophile November 16, 2011

Great article. I really believe social media is the future of internet marketing. However I still think it takes a lot of time to create a good fanbase on social network. Hard work…that’s it.

Darlene November 16, 2011

It’s so true, Patti, that sometimes we have to ask. I’m a blogger, and I know the importance of following those whose writing is beneficial to me, but even I forget. Then I see that little “hey, follow me” and I think – “oh, yes, that’s a great idea!” Sometimes we’re just too busy and distracted to remember simple stuff like that, aren’t we? Thanks for the reminder.

sharon akinoluwa November 16, 2011

Hi Patti, asking is a principle in the school of success and prosperity. It’s asking that guarantees receiving. when people read articles and are pleased, it’s almost certain they would do anything within reason, if asked. Let us give social media attention, for where attention goes, there life also goes.

Richard Driver November 18, 2011

Hi Patti,
Your 5 point post presents some helpful and rude awakening insights to help educate attentive marketers to the realization that change in marketing efforts that more closely conform to our present social-network-content-publishing-boom is needful, if they are to remain competitive and lessen their struggle in standing out and attracting new customers from the World Wide Web in the days ahead.

Alessandro November 20, 2011

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Ajnabii November 26, 2011

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gunjan December 8, 2011

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