Why Do I Blog?

Every person out there that is blogging should ask yourself the question if you know why you are blogging or not?  Blogging takes a long time to succeed at, but can be a very nice way to earn some extra money online.  Why do you blog?

Why do I blog?

I personally blog because I love helping people and writing things online.  I love to know that I’m writing about topics that I enjoy and topics that are helping people. Blogging helps people to learn.  The more people learn from you the more people trust you.

When people trust you they will buy anything you put in-front of them.  Don’t try and sell something if you don’t have the trust of every reader that’s reading your blog.  You have to gain the trust of your readers.  You will gain their trust by putting up valuable posts across the whole internet.  The more post that you put up, the more comments you will receive.  The more Google will find you valuable.  The more Google finds you valuable the more people will find your blog while they are searching on Google.  People will be searching for what you have to offer.

Why shouldn’t you blog?

You really shouldn’t blog because you suck.  You will never earn any money. You will never become anything.  Are you sick of hearing this?  It sucked for me to even write them.  You are amazing, you are reading this blog post right now.  You are trying to become something more then you are currently.  Make comments, blog more, enjoy what you do.  You really shouldn’t blog unless you are passionate about what you’re doing.  If you don’t enjoy blogging, you won’t be happy during the hard times.  I personally write around four to five different blog post a day.  If I got bored doing what I’m doing, I would quite after a week or two.  You have to enjoy everything that you’re doing.

Bottom line, enjoy what you do.  If you don’t enjoy what you do, it will show to all your reader.  They will see right through your writing and blogging.  Not to mention that you’ll quit after a couple weeks.  Don’t be that person that blogs for three weeks then quits.

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