A New Way to Use Guest Blogging to Grow Your Blog

guest-blogging-case-studyI recently undertook a guest blogging challenge for my blog. The main purpose of the challenge was to market my blog and increase the amount of visitors I will be able to get daily as a result of that guest post for months to come.

While I’ve been used to writing guest posts for big blogs with the intention of seeing huge spike in traffic and subscribers to my blog, I decided to take things to the next level and write a lot of guest posts for smaller blogs with the hope of benefiting in the future. In other words, I knew I might not get up to 5 visitors for every single blog I wrote for, but my intention was to use the guest post to drive me hundreds of daily visitors for years to come.

How I Went About It

We all know that search engines can be a great source of traffic to a website, and that quality links can make a whole lot of difference in how a website is ranked.

My approach was to focus on using my guest posts to build quality links, instead of expecting some huge traffic spikes from big blogs that will end up dying down soon.

As a result, I wrote and submitted 31 guest posts in one week. Many of which were published a few days after. I studied the results for a few days, and there wasn’t any significant increase in traffic yet. Approximately two weeks after, I started noticing significant increase in the number of my daily traffic from the search engines, and even though it is approximately a month of me starting the challenge, I have already started to see an increase of around 200 visitors a day as far as search traffic to my blog is concerned.

I will be sharing with you some search engine traffic screenshots from my blog to show you what I mean, and I will be explaining how I go about it afterwards.

Quick Note: I started the challenge on the 9th of October 2011 and this post is published here on the 9th of November 2011.

Search Traffic 30 Days Before Submitting the 31 Guest Posts

first screenshot for case study

The above is the screenshot representing the search traffic to my blog 30 days before I started the guest blogging challenge. During the period in the above screenshot, I used to average 350 visitors a day from the search engines, and I also have days where I only get around 250 visitors.

Search Traffic 30 Days After Submitting the 31 Guest Posts

second screenshot for case study

The above screenshot shows search traffic to my blog exactly 30 days after submitting the guest posts I wrote after the challenge. The effect of the traffic wasn’t significant at first, but after around two weeks I started noticing significant changes in my traffic, and I started getting over 420 visitors on low traffic days. In fact, there are now days that I get as much as 560 visitors from the search engines alone.

It is only one month since the challenge, so I guess it is too early to conclude. I’m pretty sure traffic will keep on increasing from here, even if I don’t lift a finger.

What this challenge made obvious is that guest blogging can be very effective as a form of link building, and that if properly used, you will be able to see the effect of the guest posts you write today for years to come.

I know you might have questions about my rankings, but I obviously noticed an increase in rankings, and I even shared the results on my blog here.

How to Use Guest Blogging to Improve Your Search Traffic

1. Focus on Making Your Blog Great. By this, I mean you need to work on your design and make sure it is search engine friendly. You also need to ensure your articles are targeting the right keywords – while changes like these might look insignificant, I can assure you that they will be of great impact to the results you get.

2. Target the right blogs for your guest post. Publishing your guest posts on just any blog won’t help, but targeting blogs respected and trusted by the search engines will make a difference. If possible, make sure every blog you target has a good Pagerank and Alexa rank. You should also make sure the blogs you guest post on are related to your niche, and if you can’t find related blogs you should look for a way to bridge the topic the blog covers to the topic you cover on your blog. For example, if I’m submitting a guest post to promote my “blogging” blog to a health blog, I can use the title “The Health Dangers to being a Blogger”. You will notice that a post with that title caters to both my audience and the audience of the blogger I’m submitting an article to, and if the article is well-written it will surely be published.

3. Use Keyword Variations. Using the same keywords makes your link building look unnatural, but by using keyword variations you will be able to increase your chances of getting even better results.


Instead of looking for ways to get published on the next big blog, why not give guest blogging on small blogs a try to help with your link building?

Have you ever tried anything like this? Do you think the above is a smart thing to do? Kindly share your views in the comment section below.

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