Welshare – A Central Location For All Your ‘Likes’

Welshare refers to itself as a single “like” button for all your messages, no mater what social network they come from. It lets you “like” and “favorite” content and access it from a single location. Additionally, Welshare gives you the ability to cross-post your likes and favorites to your social accounts.

For instance, liking a message on Welshare can be posted to your Twitter account and likewise, liking a tweet on Twitter can be posted to your Welshare account. You can also get notifications every time your messages are liked, retweeted, or replied to. So Welshare also makes it easy to keep up with your own content and who is sharing it.

Welshare gives you a score (social reputation), which is calculated using a special formula created by Welshare. This gives Welshare the ability to rank you among other users and also based on your city and country.

Connect Your Accounts

Currently you can connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to Welshare.

Social account settings on Welshare.

Each account has its own customization options and you can also format the way that messages are posted. Google+ and LinkedIn even give you the option to enable active sharing by default.

Format your likes from/to external networks on Welshare.

Welshare uses its own URL shortener by default, but you can also enter your bit.ly credentials (username and api key) so that you can track your links via your own account if you prefer.

Home Page

Your home page is where you’ll find status update from your friends, which are imported from the accounts that you choose to connect to Welshare. This page is where you can like, reply, and add messages to your favorites. As you can see from the image below, messages from all accounts are mixed together and you’ll be alerted of new messages at the top of your stream.

Welshare home page and timeline.

Your Page

“Your Page” is where you can see all of the messages that you’ve shared via Welshare. There is a status update box where you can enter messages (up to 300 characters) to be posted to your social accounts and add a picture and/or link. There is also an option to schedule posts for later (though I couldn’t get it to work at this time).

Status update box for Welshare.

Top Users

In this section you can get a glimpse of the top Welshare users along with their score and number of messages posted. You can also search by country or city to help you find local users and follow users right from the list. This is a great way to find and connect with other Welshare users.

Top Users on Welshare.

Final Thoughts

The design needs some tweaking and there are also a few features which I couldn’t get to work properly (like using my bit.ly account and scheduling messages). While Welshare advertises itself as simply a like button for all of your content, it does so much more than that.

On the features page, you can see that it’s a unified stream, message scheduler, viral graph, notification center for your shared content, and much more. The design and buggy features could be a deal-breaker for some, yet it’s definitely a useful tool that will come in handy for many others.

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