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By Zac Johnson | Promote your blog

Nov 02

One of the biggest problems and struggles with blogging, is the ability to keep growing in size and getting people to actually find your blog. One way that entertainment and news based blogs are bringing in a lot of new and free traffic, is through traffic exchange networks. The ways these networks work is that you place a line of code on your web site, select what categories are relevant to your blog, then start serving their links and images on your web site or blog. Nearly all of the traffic exchange networks listed below will send you a 100-300% increase in traffic that you send them.

You can see some stats from the past few months of the type of free traffic you can receive from using traffic exchange networks. The stats below are from a small entertainment web site that I run, but you can clearly see all of the incoming new traffic that is a result of using these trade networks. As you can see from the stats, I’ve had the best success with Wahoha by far.

The majority of these networks drive nearly all of their traffic from entertainment based web sites. Entertainment based blogs will perform best, but I have also seen many tech/news/photography based blogs do extremely well with the traffic exchange networks listed below. Keep in mind, the results for your blog traffic will vary depending on it’s niche, but the use of attractive images and headlines will also play a big part in getting users to click on your links.

All of the networks are free to join, and offer paid advertising services if you are looking for even more traffic.






There are plenty of other traffic exchange networks out there, as there seems to be a never ending supply of web sites and traffic to go around. I have personally been using the ones listed above, and they are also the major players in the traffic trade space.


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entrepreneur November 2, 2011

Thanks for the great post. I have been using most of this traffic exchange sites and have success with them. This is another way to get tons of traffic which many people don’t know about.

    Zac Johnson November 3, 2011

    These sites have been popping up and growing like crazy over the past year or so, yet they are still quietly growing in their own niche.

kuku November 3, 2011

very nice,think I will try it on my blog)

Dean Saliba November 3, 2011

Do you think my professional wrestling news blog would do OK? Wrestling is classed as sport entertainment after all. :)

    Zac Johnson November 3, 2011

    I think wrestling sites could do very well with traffic exchanges. I’m sure other sites are pushing wrestling related content, so it would probably match up well and trade traffic with some relevant sites.

TV Rockstars November 3, 2011

The problem I have is that they never click enough so I get kicked out of the networks.

    Zac Johnson November 30, 2011

    These networks usually won’t care about low click rates, as it’s all free traffic circulation.

Eddie Gear November 8, 2011

Hey Zac, thats some good traffic these networks are driving. However, quick question. I do not see these network banners on your site like what they say on the network? Am i missing something? Are these stats of another blog.

    Zac Johnson November 30, 2011

    Right, I wouldn’t run these traffic exchange networks on business related sites. They are strictly for my other humor based blogs.

waseem November 21, 2011

yea its right that traffic exchange its good source of free traffic one can use. Thanks for sharing.

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