An Interesting Way Of Losing Subscribers

How To Annoy Your ReadersIn order to find the latest and great themes and plugins for my blog WordPress Mods, I spend a lot of time reading announcements from theme and plugin developers.

Whilst reading a review of a plugin today I saw a comment from someone promoting their own website called WP Power Plugins. Whenever I find a new plugin developers website I check out all of their plugins to see if any are worth testing and reviewing on my blog. Unfortunately, the blog owner made it difficult to do so.

For some reason the blog owner has placed a box that requests a vote via Facebook or Twitter before you can proceed. It doesn’t work like the newsletter pop ups you see on many blogs, which can be closed easily by clicking away from the ad. Instead, the blog owner has stopped everyone from viewing their website unless they register a vote via Facebook or Twitter.

This has to be one of the stupidest thing I have ever see a blog owner do. It’s obtrusive, counter productive and will drive away existing and potential subscribers. All bloggers strive for more subscribers and social media votes however there is a right way and wrong way of doing things. We need to encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog or Facebook page; we shouldn’t force them.

Remember, don’t take your readers for granted. Even the most loyal readers will unsubscribe and stop visiting your blog if you start frustrating them by forcing them to increase social media votes.

Have you come across any other techniques like this from a blogger?



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