Analyze and Enhance Your Facebook Experience with Wisdom

By Charnita Fance | Reviews

Oct 20
Analyze and Enhance Your Facebook Experience with Wisdom

If you’re still active on your Facebook account and looking for a great way to stay on top of things with your friends, you’ll love Wisdom. Just like the name implies, the app gives you in-depth “wisdom” about yourself and your friends. It’s kind of like an analytics tool for your Facebook account because you get to see statistics and insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Also it lets you sort through all of the junk (like game notifications, videos, images, etc) and get to what is really important – the actual things that your friends are saying via status updates.

So if you want to know more about what your friends are saying and what they’re interested in, try out Wisdom!

News Feed

Wisdom for Facebook - News Feed

The feed is where you can see all status updates at a glance and then filter them by popularity and type (based on what they’re referring to). This way you can see what kind of mood people are in, who’s in love, what’s going on with the health of your friends, who’s traveling, and more! You can also see the date posted, number of comments, and number of likes. Each status will have a corresponding icon such as a star (as pictured above), smiley face, heart, briefcase, etc – based on the topic.

Unfortunately, I was unable to really experience the rest of the app since it takes 24 hours to complete the reports needed for these areas. However, I can give a general idea of what each section is for.


Wisdom for Facebook - Friend Analysis

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This section gives you a great overview of who you’re friends with on Facebook. Wisdom gives you a list of all of your friends along with their last status updates. This gives you a chance to quickly see what each of your friends is up to. You can also filter this section by age, gender, relationship status, and location. Lastly, each friend will have a rating based on their Facebook activity, popularity, communication, influence, and cheer.


If you’re interested in what others are saying to your friends, then you’ll love this section. You can basically see everything that your friends are chatting about with others from a single location (it’s almost like spying). “That is, everything except repetitive ‘happy birthday’ posts.”


Wisdom for Facebook - Friend Interests

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Wisdom uses your friends’ “likes” to show you the most popular and trending interests across sports, entertainment, and nightlife. So you can see things like what artists your friends like the most, the best places to hangout, the most popular movies among your friends, etc.


Here you’ll be able to see the most popular check-in locations and the top cities and hometowns among your friends. You’ll also get demographic information for each place listed.


Wisdom for Facebook - Events

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As expected, you can see all of the events that your friends are attending and see how many others will be there too. Wisdom will also recommend events to you based on the number of friends attending.

About Me

Finally, we have the about me section will will, of course, show you information about yourself and track your communications across Facebook.

Wisdom is currently available via as well as an iOS app available for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. The only downside is that you have to wait 24 hours to see any other section besides the news feed. From the description and screenshots on the Wisdom website, it definitely looks promising; so let’s hope that those sections do not disappoint once they are available.


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I wasn’t aware of this application yet. But you have shared something really important to me, this really gonna help me a lot.
Thanks for sharing such a nice information
I will stay connected to your blog in future

Scott October 21, 2011

Looks cool, I just installed it now. Kinda sucks I have to wait 24 hours, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Lee October 21, 2011

It is an app which will make operate a facebook account really wisely. Very good to know about it. Thank you for sharing it.

    Scott October 24, 2011

    So I have been using Wisdom for a couple days now and I really like it. When you go the about me page and it shows who you are interacting with and how, it is a really neat feature. Also, breaking down your network into relationship status, male/female and age.

    I definitely recommend for everyone to at least give it a try.

Haciendas para eventos October 21, 2011

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Trickmaker October 21, 2011

Thanks Charnita for your post, of enhance facebook experience.

anshul mahajan October 24, 2011

Thanks for a great post.I really liked it.

Great advice, give yourself a pat on the back!

Ebi November 3, 2011

Now you made me curious! I’ll try to get the app (and hopefully myself over the 24hrs., I can be impatient once in a while) and see if it works… to order that tangled mass of social news. Thanks for the post!

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