Growing Your Blog Revenue and Brand with In-Text Advertising

It seems like there is always a new way to advertise and make money with web sites. Unfortunately, there is only so much web space on a page that we can contribute to banner advertising. An excellent alternative to banner advertising is “In-Text Advertising“, which replaces normal text on your web site with in page hover advertisements.

You may have already seen these type of advertisements on BloggingTips, at first they look like your average link, except they are in green font and double underlined. When you hover or click on one of these links, it will appear like the picture to the right. In this example, hovering over the work “car insurance” would result in an advertisement showing for Geico. If you wanted to visit that advertiser, you could then click on the hover ad, or “learn more”.

Who is the leader in In-Text Advertising?

I first personally met with the InfoLinks team at BlogWorld in Las Vegas last year. We had a great dinner and a nice talk about what the company does and how they are growing their reach across millions of web sites online. Since then, InfoLinks is now serving ad campaigns across 250 billion pages and reach over 350 million unique visitors per month. As a web site and blog owner, I’ve been extremely happy with the progress and revenue that InfoLinks has been generating for my network of sites, while also not taking up an extra ad space.

Make Money as a Publisher or Grow as an Advertiser

InfoLinks is a two way street, and you are allowed to walk both ways. You can join their service as a publisher, which will allow you to place their in-text advertising on your web site, and you can start earning money in no time. Once you are setup with an account and your web site or blog is approve, you just need to add a small line of code to your site to start displaying in text ads. It’s also important to note that you also have full customization of how many links you want to appear on each page, what categories, their color and how you want them to look.

The other option is for you to become an advertiser, and have access to their massive 250 billion impressions per month. With their new InfoLinks market place, you can create your own ad copy and have everything running within minutes. There is no huge deposit to put down to get started, and minimum daily budgets for ad campaigns are under $2 per day.

InfoLinks’s New Self Serve Marketplace

As an owner of multiple web sites and blog, I appreciate the value that InfoLinks brings as an advertiser, but they have now stepped up their game to a whole new level by launching their own self serve marketplace. For anyone who is currently advertising through self serve social networks like FaceBook Ads or Plenty of Fish, you will already understand and appreciate the need to have a self serve platform. As an internet marketer, when you are in control of creating your ad campaigns, you are more likely to find success, and also not have to be a slave to customer support and wait days for simple changes to your ad campaigns.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what InfoLink’s new self serve platform has to offer:

  • User Friendly – Create an In-Text advertising campaign in minutes
  • Keyword Selection -Select and own your branded keywords across the Web
  • Keyword Bidding – Segment your geographic and vertical market budgeting
  • Advanced Optimization – Customize your reach and maximize ROI
  • Real-Time Reporting – Monitor and continuously improve your brand lift

In all honesty, when I heard about InfoLinks setting up their new self serve market place, I setup a small test account and create an ad campaign just to see what would happen. I set my cost per click amount really low, at 02 per click, and targeted high end words like “make money online, affiliate marketing, blogging”. I just logged into my account and was surprised to see that I was actually getting clicks off these high end keywords for .02 per click! The volume is low, but there is definitely potential.

I’m targeting high end keywords at .02 each, imagine the possibilities on growing your blog audience or making money on sending traffic to your landing pages if you target more general keywords and at a higher cost per click rate. There is a lot of potential here, and you can start testing with a budget of less than $2 per day.

Now that I’ve seen these results in my account, I’m going to be setting up a few more sites and seeing how the traffic comes in for more generic keywords. I’ll be sure to make another update next month on my findings.

InfoLinks is the World’s Ad Network

To finish off my review on InfoLinks, I also want to stress that they are a global ad network. So many times I come across a great ad network that I want to share with my readers, but they are only accepting US affiliates and web sites, yet my readers are through out the world. This means if you have a web site in Spanish, or even if you live in Spain, InfoLinks is looking to work with you.

Be sure to check out their web site and leave any comments you might have and I will make sure someone from their company is here to answer any of your questions.

Join InfoLinks


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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