Key Concepts in Blog Marketing Strategy

Blog marketing has emerged as a great way to promote online businesses. While new concepts on blog marketing are evolving every day, there are few strategies that have been time tested and proven worthy. Here are a few clear and pragmatic concepts that will boost up your online blog marketing.

Designing Your Blog

Using the right blog templates that match your theme is important to create an impressive blog. Similar to the way the marketing brochure templates help in creating effective marketing collateral, website blog templates can make the task of designing your blog much easier.

Collecting Essential Data

It is a well known fact that blogging evolved out of personal interest in expressing self, business blogging on the other hand is concerned with growth of the company and exploring the mindset of customers. This is why customer centric contents have always made business blogging very successful. In business blogging data collection and profile creation can help the marketers promote their businesses strategically. The close study of these data can provide you with vital clues on various levels such as the need of consumers, keywords they use, and the type of promotion that attracts them.

Focusing on Your Unique Selling Proposition

It is important to develop a unique selling proposition for your blog. Focus on the key benefits of the content and address it in such a manner that customer issues are dealt with. Although it is essential to be specific and concise, exhibiting proof on your points is the key to grab attention of the readers. Clarity on the primary topic of your blog will enable your blog to stand out of the crowd amidst heavy competition.

Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines as Well as Social Media

Visibility of your blog is important and keywords relevant to your core business should be well researched in order to attain visibility for targeted keywords. Search engines like Google and seo tools like word tracker can be of great help in identifying the right keywords and phrases to optimize your blog. While keyword inclusions can be great for search engines, you also need to focus on the lingual patterns of the social media communities to attract attention.

Planning the Contents

As far as textual content is concerned it begins with the title of the post. Inclusion of keywords is essential in the title. A thought provoking title is a good way to start with. “How to” articles have always proved to be one of the most searched ones. While addressing the target audience of mixed group, insertion of images or diagrams could serve better. Keyword density is yet another important factor that you should keep in mind while planning your content. For instance, if you plan to use the keyword brochure finance, make sure that the phrase is present in the text in the required density.

Acquiring Relevant Links

SEO link building is crucial when it comes to indexing and ranking of web pages. Relevancy is the most important criteria to be noted while acquiring external links to your blog. Obtaining anchor text links with keyword or phrase relevant to your theme can improve the visibility of your blog in search engines as well as draw targeted traffic.

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