Gambling Builder Runs Your Online Casino for $10 a Year

Go back ten years and not too many people had their own websites. Getting your own domain name and setting up a hosting plan proved to be a costly expense. Times have changed. You can get free blogging software, hosting plans are cheap, and domain names are more than affordable. The struggle, then, is figuring out how to make money with your websites.

Online gambling is a positively booming business, but can you really own your own branded Internet casino? With a service like, you can… and it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) than you think it might be.

How Does Gambling Builder Work?

Most people assume that you have to buy expensive software and then hire a coder to customize the site for you if you want to have an online casino. That is not true at all. Gambling Builder takes care of all the grunt work for you.

You don’t need to buy a hosting plan. You don’t need to install any scripts. You don’t need to debug any code. That’s all done for you. Better still, the end product is at your own custom domain name too; you don’t get an “affiliate link” or a subdomain off of Gambling Builder. It really is your own Internet casino.

The crazy thing is that the price is just $10 a year. The basic plan itself is free; the $10 simply covers the domain registration. Surely, you can turn ten bucks of profit over the course of a year, right?

How Much Money Can I Make?

Under the basic plan, you receive an online casino under your own management and under your own domain name. Then, a full 40% of the profits generated by that Internet casino are forwarded your way as income. It’s as simple as that. How much money you make really depends on how profitable your casino is. That’s why it’s important that you work hard to refer new players to your site and get them to put their money where their mouth is.

The money is processed through several popular online payment systems, including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and WebMoney. I don’t see any mention of PayPal, but this could be for any number of different reasons.

What Will My Casino Look Like?

To give you an idea of what you can expect, they’ve set up a sample page with links to six example casinos. Here’s one of them.

Remember that the $10 membership that you pay each year includes all the software and coding that you’ll need to get your online casino up and running. The designs themselves aren’t terribly advanced, but the backend structure is actually quite complex and very robust. It’ll handle all new player signups, manage the payments, and run the games in a web browser. No downloads needed.

What Games Can They Play?

All the games powered by Gambling Builder, as mentioned, are web-based. This is a great feature for all your potential players, because many don’t want to bother installing software on their own computers.

The interface is reasonably simple, but it has everything that you need for your players to get in the game. After signing up for an account with your casino, they can then choose to play for fun or to play for money. This applies to all the games that are available in the casino, which range from baccarat and blackjack to roulette and video poker. There are several versions of slot machines too.

An Internet Business in a Box

Yes, you can go out there and spend tons of money to set up your own custom online casino. That can be very expensive to do. With Gambling Builder, the process is much easier; basically everything is done for you on the coding, payment management, and design side. Your task is simply to drive the traffic. After that, it’s pretty much on auto-pilot until you’re ready to cash out.

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