There is No Easy Button

You can stop looking for it. It doesn’t exist. There are things to make life and your business easier, but the fact is, there’s no easy button to do it with.

I had a little tangent about the easy button on my personal blog. I won’t cover that here, but you can read that post if you’d like.

What I didn’t go into was how some seasoned marketers or “gurus” make you think it’s easy to build a successful online business. You’ve seen the hype, “Make $100K by this time next year with this really easy plug and play system.” “Read how Billy Bob went from homeless to millionaire in six months.”

Maybe he did, but he put in a lot of work to do it. He didn’t build a push-button website. Maybe he got rich selling crap for other marketers. Will his success last? It’s doubtful, but there’s always someone new coming along buying into it. Those who have been looking for the easy button and realized it doesn’t exist will stop buying into the hype and start building a real business. The newbies will continue buying junk until they have this epiphany.

Are you still searching for that golden nugget? The easy button that doesn’t exist? How much money have you wasted buying one product after another looking for the answer? How many of those products were actually worth the price?

Stop chasing pipe dreams and stop following the “so-called” gurus. They don’t have the answers, most just want you to purchase their next big product.

Find people who are making it work, even if they don’t claim or want guru status and get your butt busy building your business.

Who do you follow? Follow real people who are making this work. Follow people you can actually follow–the ones who blog and share their lives, the ones who have social networking pages, the people who talk about their kids and dogs. If you go to my website, you can see I’m pretty much an open book. I’m a real person. I’m not a guru, so please don’t pop in expecting to find one. I’m a writer who’s trying to find my way in the world of marketing. I’m also a musician’s wife, a mom to awesome kids and a chronically happy person. I’m real. If you Google my name, you can find out just how real I am.

My point is, whatever you decide to do online, it’s going to take work. I get angry at the gurus who make it sound simple and easy, it isn’t. I get tired of being bombarded with product promotions that promise me I’ll make large amounts of money. I’m sure you are too. I’m tired of hearing about gurus and their promises only to find that you can’t find one real piece of information on them. No photos, except for the two they use for marketing purposes. No family updates or personal updates. It’s almost like they don’t exist.

There are real people online making a good living. they have good products. They don’t promise you the moon and then deliver you a hyped up ebook full of garbage. You just have to find them. You do that by following real people.

If you’re a blogger, writer or marketer, show the real you. Let people see that you have a life away from your business. If all you post is business related stuff, it’s likely people will stop following you or block your messages. Don’t take that risk, be a little bit human.

And if you do happen to find the easy button, let the rest of us know. In the mean time, we’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions.



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