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Do you follow numerous people online that you often wish you could mute in regard to specific topics? Unfortunately when it comes to social networking, you either have the option of muting a user altogether or just removing them as a friend or unfollowing them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just mute the topics that they post about which you don’t like? Well now you can with a new social community called Subjot.

How Does it Work?

After playing around on Subjot for a couple hours today, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It’s a warm community that lets you connect with other users based on the subjects that you like. It’s a little like Facebook and Twitter as far as posting a status and there is a 250 character limit.

Update Your Status on Facebook and/or Twitter via Subjot

For each thought that you jot down, you have to add a subject; this is where the name Subjot comes into play. You can either create a new subject of your own or add to a subject that one of your friends has already created. These subjects are pretty much tags that will appear on your posts so that others will know what they’re about.

Fine Tuning Your Timeline

For each member of Subjot, you can also get to pick and choose which subject of theirs you follow. So if you have a friend who has the topics sports, politics, technology, blogging, and social media, then you can choose to just follow their posts on technology, blogging, and social media (if you don’t like sports or politics).

Subscribe to your favorite subjects on Subjot.

It may sound a bit confusing, but once you join you’ll get to see the concept in action.

Social Integration

Additionally, you can connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts so that you can cross-post to either site whenever you post to Subjot. The owners of Subjot don’t want you to be lonely or bored when you first join, so they’ve implemented a feature (which may or may not be permanent) to help you out.

Browse for users to follow on Subjot.

When/if you connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, Subjot will connect you with others who you’re already connected with on those sites. You can then choose the subjects of theirs that you want to follow. If there are less than 5 people that you’re connected with, Subjot will suggest members to follow. These users are checked off by default, but you can always uncheck them if you prefer not to follow random members.

Other Features

Subjot has a few tools (bookmarklets) that you can use to post to the site while browsing the Web. I’ve heard that a mobile app is in the works as well, though I’m not sure if this is going to be a native iPhone/Android app or just a mobile optimized app. Other features I’ve noticed are inline views of images and mp3 players. I’m not sure about viewing videos inline, but if images and music works, then I’m pretty sure videos do too.

Timeline View on Subjot.

When it comes to interaction on the site, there aren’t any like or favorite buttons. You can comment on other posts in thread-like fashion, that’s about it. You’ll also be notified by email when new comments are added to your post or a post you’ve commented on. You can choose how often you’re notified in the settings.

Searching for other users to follow is pretty simple and is done by clicking on the “Explore” navigation link. You can browse by user or by subject.  Remember, for each user you’ll need to follow the subjects from them that matter to you. All because you’re following technology from one user, does not mean you won’t need to follow it for any other user. You will in fact need to follow it for every user that you want to keep up with.

Conversation and MP3 View on Subjot.

Final Thoughts

Subjot really reminds me of a nice little social community called Simler, which has since shut down. It has the same concept in that you can have threaded discussions based on topics that you like. As long as Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ are around, it may be hard to survive, but I really hope to see Subjot thrive. Upon joining I was welcomed and made to feel as if I was already apart of the community, which is something that can’t be said about every online community.

Unfortunately, Subjot is currently in private beta, so you’ll need an invitation to join. I’m not sure how many invites I have, but feel free to use this invitation link if you can to join now. Special thanks to Ian Mayman for inviting me so that I could try it out for myself.

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