Interact with Your Blog Audience Using Webinars

There is a growing trend in the blogging space, and that’s the movement towards webinars. The best way to describe a webinar is to think of a conference, but everyone is online and can watch the person’s computer screen that is holding the event. Everyone calls in to listen and the person running the webinar can take questions and give seminars all online, usually free to the people attending.

So why are people using webinars, and how is it making them money?

Most guru’s, entrepreneurs and bloggers are using webinars as a teaching method. Just like you are reading this post on the blog, we could easily setup a webinar and have everyone call in and I could give you visuals and walk you through the whole process. Most of the time webinars are used as a selling tool. The person running the webinar will walk you through all of the steps of how to do something, then follow up with a consulting or product sale at the end.

How to Get Started with Your Own Webinar

There are many solutions out there for running your own webinar, but from a blogging stand point, let’s use, which has a much lower price point than other competitors like GoToMeeting. Depending on the size of the audience you would be including in your webinar, the packages and price plans will vary.

When running a webinar, there is no complicated software of tools you really need to learn. Everything is hosted from ClickMeeting and you just need to change all the settings and arrange a time and meeting for everyone to attend. At the time of your webinar, everyone will call in to your event and will be able to view your computer screen or whatever you would like them to see. This is the same as watching a video online, except it is live and there is interaction between the users.

Better yet, you can watch this quick two minute video on the impact of webinars for online business and interacting with blog readers.

Setup a Free Trial Webinar

You can sign up for a free trial account and get started in less than 30 seconds. Remember, there is no installation required and each webinar is 100% rebrandable (so it looks and feels like your web site or business). Why not start a webinar for your blog or web site and see what it leads to?

ClickMeeting Webinar Solutions

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