Men Are Better At Networking According To New Study

Although women are the more predominant users of social media sites, a new report now suggests men are better at marketing their websites and businesses on sites like LinkedIn. The popular business contact center shows while women have much stronger numbers on places like Facebook and Twitter, men are much more adept at making important contacts through the Internet in most places around the globe.

Nicole Williams is the Connection Director with LinkedIn and she says while in most places worldwide women tend to shy away from some business practices like networking as they tend to think of it as schmoozing, in India they actually do it better than their male counterparts and are more productive at it. Williams stresses the numbers collected don’t conclude women aren’t as good at networking as men, only that they have a different set of criteria when they use social media sites.

In other news, MocoSpace is reporting what everyone really expected all along—that mobile gambling has really taken off and is a force to be reckoned with in the mobile apps industry. Even though America recently closed down three of the bigger online gambling sites operating illegally in that country and effectively caused a huge dent in the market, the stats from MocoSpace say their particular platform has surpassed the 20 million member mark. Other statistics from comScore say that smartphone usage has increased 13% from last year to this one and that means there will be even more gaming apps developed to meet the increasing demand in the market.

The face of internet marketing and social media is changing…again. It’s no surprise to marketers in the business the only constant in the world of online advertising is change and that’s not any different with social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve been keeping score you know one of the problems with using these platforms is not in their effectiveness in getting the word out on goods and services but measuring what message works.

It’s not enough anymore for the conscious advertiser to count the number of likes that any site or campaign gets, now experts in the field think campaigns need to look at entire conversations and retweets and shares to get the right picture of how any advertising is really faring. It doesn’t seem like a stretch at all to see the whole analytics game come full circle—it looked for some time as if internet advertising people were looking for the easier softer way to get the results they were looking for. After all, looking at the likes on a Facebook page only tells you there’s been a favorable result and not what it was specifically that got that response.

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