Gravee – A Social Search Engine with Personal Recommendations and Toolbar

Gravee seems to be a lot like Bing with a few additional features. “Gravee evaluates the best search results from across the Web’s major search engines, and then personalizes their best results based on your interests and preferences, as well as those of your friends (and other people whom you don’t even know).” The key to getting the best personalized results and recommendations is by completely filling out your profile and also using the voting system (to let Gravee know what you do and don’t like).


Here you can enter a tagline, bio, forum title, forum signature and answer some questions about yourself. The more you fill out the better, so that others (within the community) get to learn more about you. If you connect your Facebook account, Gravee can get most of this information from your profile there.

Fill out your Gravee profile.


When searching, there aren’t any advanced options, just type in your query and go. There are quite a different few areas on the results page. You have your regular results with useful information underneath each like tags and tagscore (see image below). You can choose whether or not the result is relevant, see other users on Gravee that have bookmarked the result, bookmark it yourself and share it on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or by email.

Search Results on


Below your actual results, you’ll see a couple website recommendations that you might be interested in. You can also click to get more. The more you use Gravee and it’s voting system, the more relevant these results will be.

On the right side you’ll see recommended users that you might like to connect with. You’ll also have the option to invite some of your Facebook friends (that’s if you’ve connected your account).

Get Some Gravee

You’ll see this button next to all of your search results. It’s a way to get personalized recommendations in full window mode (much like StumbleUpon) and see what other websites you might like. Clicking on the “Get Some” button opens up a full website with the Gravee toolbar along the top of the page.

Get some Gravee with the toolbar.


You can like/dislike websites, bookmarket, share, search and click on “Get Some More” to go on to the next website. You can also download the Gravee toolbar or install the bookmarklet if you’d like to be able to search and interact with Gravee from any web page. This is the best way to let Gravee know what you like, so it can recommend relevant results to you in the future.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of social search engines. Most of the time I’m just looking to quickly get the information I need and keep it moving. The recommendations are a nice touch, but it will take some fine tuning (that most people may not have time for) to get those accurate. A community within a search engine seems unnecessary, but I’m sure many will find this a useful way to connect with others. It’s really all just according to your preference and the way you search.

So what do you prefer? Is Gravee something that you can see yourself using on a regular basis?

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