5 Great SEO Tips for Bloggers

Last week I wrote a post emphasizing the importance of why bloggers too should be SEOs and the post got quite a few comments from people agreeing with my points. That proves further that since people know the importance of being an SEO as a blogger they are also interested in learning tips that can help them improve their blog SEO significantly.

This post will be giving you 5 major SEO tips to help improve your blog SEO significantly.

1. Optimize Your Permalinks

When it comes to optimizing a blog to get the best from search engines wordpress is one of the best platforms available online but you need to realize that the default permalink structure wordpress uses isn’t effective for SEO as it only uses some random number that has nothing to do with your article. Instead you should optimize your blog post title to reflect your post keyword.

For example, instead of your post title being www.blogname.com/p?33 it should rather be something like www.blogname.com/article-keyword

You can easily change your default wordpress permalinks by visiting the permalinks section of your wordpress blog (this can be accessed by going to SETTINGS>>PERMALINKS) and then selecting the custom option, you should then enter /%postname%/. Once you’ve changed the default permalinks to the postname permalink your new post will automatically be having your post name in the title.

2. Optimize Your Titles

I’ve seen bloggers trying to rank for keywords that isn’t even anywhere on their blog. To increase the chances of you ranking for the keyword of your choice make sure you optimize your blog post titles to reflect your desired keyword.

When it comes to optimizing your titles this means you should optimize your blog title, your post titles and your H1 tags as this will ensure you have increased chance of ranking for the keyword of your choice.

Your title is what tells the search engines what your blog is about and it is the first thing users see when they are searching for your keyword, so aside your title increasing your chances of ranking it will also increase the number of people who visit your blog from the search engines

3. Optimize Your Blog Posts to Reflect Your Desired Keyword

If there are two authority blogs trying to rank for the keyword “hot potatoes” and the first blog writes an article about fishing while the other blog writes an article about potatoes, the importance of eating potatoes and how hot potatoes can be good for the body etc. which blog do you think will dominate the SERP for the “hot potatoes” keyword? I can assure you it is the second one.

Search engines need to know clearly that your article is truly relevant and that it truly covers what people are looking for so they will use every relevancy measure they have to ensure this happens. Nothing confirms the relevancy of your article in the search engines more than the keywords used in it.

4. Your Meta Description

Another very important and underutilized part of your blog you should optimize when trying to rank for a particular keyword is your meta description. The reason for this is that your meta keyword has two major advantages, first, if it includes your keyword it can increase the chances of you ranking higher and, second, if properly written it will have a huge impact on your click through rate from the search engines.

There is no point in ranking #1 for a high traffic keyword if nobody clicks, so the best thing to do is optimize your meta description to show people why your article is what they need to read.

5. Build Quality Links

Links control the web.

It doesn’t matter how great and relevant your content is you need quality backlinks to get results. Instead of focusing on writing content only why not also try your best to be building quality backlinks to your blog regularly. This can be done either by guest blogging, article marketing, commenting on the top dofollow blogs in your niche and writing quality content that provoke backlinks.


In case you’ve been looking for great ways to improve your blog SEO, the above are 5 ways to build quality backlinks to your blog as blogger.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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