Clean Up Your Twitter Timeline and Get Rid of Useless Users with Twit Cleaner

Clean up your Twitter timeline and get rid of useless users with Twit Cleaner.It seems like quality is a thing of the past with Twitter. There are so many spam tweets and bugs floating around that it almost makes you afraid to click on any link at all. If you’ve already followed a large amount of users, it can be hard to weed out the useless ones. You need a way to take out the trash and take back control over your Twitter timeline and Twit Cleaner can help you with that.

As Twit Cleaner states, “Twitter is about quality, not just quantity.” This is so true, but sadly many users think otherwise. They care so much about building up their following, that they are willing to compromise. So they follow all of the spammers and affiliate marketers, just to play along with the Twitter numbers game. You have to care though, if you want to keep your sanity and not miss out on the valuable information that others are sharing. That’s why using a tool like Twit Cleaner is a must.

Once you connect your account via Twitter OAuth, it only takes a few minutes for it to scan your account and give you a report. You’ll receive a notification via Twitter DM, so feel free to go about your daily schedule once it starts scanning.


The summary that you receive from Twit Cleaner is based on the actions of the users you’re following. There are various activities that fall under 6 different categories which are: potentially dodgy behavior; no activity in over a month; not much interaction; all talk, all the time; little original content; not very interesting. You’ll instantly see how many users fall under each and what percentage they take up in your report.

Twit Cleaner summary.It’s your choice whether you want to take action or not against these users. You really have to ask yourself though, if they aren’t adding any value to your Twitter timeline then what good are they to you?

Take Action

Twit Cleaner does not include any method of unfollowing users. It simply lists users’ avatar pictures with a small icon in the top left showing whether or not they’re mutual followers (hint: a red arrow means that they are not following you back). You can scroll your mouse over a user to see exactly why they’re listed. After that you can click on their picture and open up their Twitter profile in a new tab (to unfollow).

View potentially garbage Twitter users.It may take some time to go through all of the users. This of course depends on how many are listed in your report. However, you can be sure in the end that it will be very much worth it.

Check Yourself

If you’re interesting in seeing how you appear on other users’ lists, you can click on “How do I look?” in the top navigation bar. Twit Cleaner will show you what category you fit into and why. It will also give you tips for improvements (if needed). Definitely pay attention to this because you don’t want to end up in the wrong category and for the wrong reasons.

For a basic and free tool, Twit Cleaner definitely delivers. If you’re looking to clean up your timeline and go back to the way Twitter used to be (before it became a haven for spammers and sales reps), then you’ll definitely want to spend some time going through your report.


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