Increase Your Advertising ROI With Clicksor

When you’re looking for a good advertising solution for your web property or online business, you want to maximize your return on investment (ROI). There’s no sense in spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign if you don’t get something measurable in return.

To this end, you may be interested to hear about Clicksor. This advertising platform and network promises that the “right ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time.” By focusing on relevant traffic, you’ll get targeted visitors and your best chance at success.

A Comprehensive Advertising Solution

Using contextual targeting, Clicksor will automatically match up your advertisements with the most relevant websites in the content network.

In a sense, you could say that this serves as a possible alternative to Google Adsense. It can also work alongside it to reach both the largest possible audience and the most targeted users. You can set your daily budget at anytime with no minimum spending requirement.

It’s also important to note that Clicksor uses its own datacenter. This means that all the data is hosted by Clicksor itself, allowing the network to quickly analyze all the traffic and campaigns. This helps to ensure that the ads are targeted to the right sites in the content network as quickly as possible.

Five Types of Media Offerings

Different kinds of advertising are most effective for different kinds of businesses. There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution and that’s why the media offerings from Clicksor are equally comprehensive.

You could traditional advertising methods, like the text ad (which is served inside of a banner, not unlike Adsense). You can also choose to serve graphical or rich media banners, which includes Flash support, as well as Java, Javascript, and DHTML. Pop-unders and interstitials are valid options too. The pricing will depend on your target audience.

The key with maximizing your ROI with a contextual advertising platform is to tweak and adjust your campaign. With Clicksor, you can target based on keywords, channels, or geographic locations. Want to only have your ads show up in Switzerland? You can do that.

Premium and Standard Accounts

From the perspective of the advertiser, as we have been taking with today’s post, Clicksor has two available account levels. You can see these on the signup page.

The standard account has no minimum deposit and there is an automated online wizard to help you get started. The reps are there to assist with troubleshooting, but you get limited availability for campaign concerns. On the flip side, the premium account offers “full account support from a dedicated account executive” and “full assistance in campaign creation, keyword and channel selection.” To qualify for a premium account, you need a minimum deposit for $300.

The CPV Advertising Summer Promotion

To entice new advertisers to join the network, Clicksor is currently offering a special summer advertising promotion. This focuses on CPV (cost per visit) advertising in the form of full page pop-unders.

The summer promotion gives you a $2.50 CPM ($0.0025 per view), which is 70% off the regular price. In order to get this price, you will need to sign up for a new advertiser account and put in a minimum order of $1,000. Based on the $2.50 CPM, that works out to 400,000 views! Remember that these campaigns can be heavily targeted too, complete with measurable results via detailed reports.


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