10 Private Beta Sites Worth Waiting For

I don’t know about you, but I love testing out new beta sites (often referred to as early adopting or being an early adopter). It’s just something about being one of the first to test out a cool new Web app that’s really fun and exciting. While there are many new beta sites emerging on a daily basis, not very many of them are actually worth waiting on an invite for. However, this list will take a look at 10 sites which I feel are useful and definitely worth the wait.


Discover, learn, and explore across the globe.A place to meet and communicate with Facebook users from around the world. You’ll be able to share ideas via integrated features like Google Maps, YouTube and Simple Geo.


Make blogging more social.If you’re looking for a way to make blogging fun, this just may be it. Jig.name will award points for those who add blog posts to the network. You’ll then be able to redeem those points for gifts. You’ll also be able to “like” content and send private messages.


Share your story.“Quickly record and share the story of your life, moment by moment as you live it.” This sounds almost like an internet-based reality show where everyone can be a star.


Make life easier.Claims to make your life much easier by organizing all of your notes and lists for you. “All you have to do is tag your note, and we’ll send it to your to do list, Twitter, your calendar or anywhere else.” This sounds like it will be a great time-saver and nice addition to the productivity tools you may already use.


There's something happening everywhere.A social network that will allow you to read and share news. It states that you’ll be able to find out what’s really going on around the world in a “fun and surprising way.” What kind of “way” do you think that will be?


The best way to sell used goods.If you’re one who sells items quite often on Craigslist or eBay, Bondsy could be a possible replacement for you. You’re encouraged to try selling on this site first before going to the aforementioned.


The platform for social media influencers.If you’re reading this post, then more than likely you have some type of social media influence that you want to increase. Blossome will help you grow your network, increase retweets, measure your social media success and more with their online tools.


Access all your online files.If you have documents stored in Google Docs, MobileMe, Dropbox and other cloud services, how exactly do you find a file that could be in any of these locations? You could search each service individually, but that will take some time. Otixo saves you time by letting you search from a single location. Whether you’re on a mobile device, iPad  or computer, you can use Otixo as a one-stop manager for all of your documents in the cloud.


A page sharing network.This is a pretty simple yet interesting little tool: edit any public web page and share it with the world. By “editing” you’ll be able to delete and modify text, images, links, etc. It will be fun to see different variations of popular websites and blogs.


The fast, fun, and easy way to do research.This is a handy tool for writers, but even more-so for students. Being a student myself, I know how tough it can be doing research papers (finding information, citing sources, formatting, etc). With Citelighter you’ll be able to search for information, highlight whatever you think is useful, automatically generate citations and have this combined information sent to you for final drafting.

Out of all of the sites listed, I’m definitely looking forward to Otixo the most. How about you?

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