3 Lessons I Learnt from Getting and Losing Traffic to My Blog

I have written a lot of guest posts for several blogs, I have been featured and interviewed on some big blogs, I have implemented a lot of traffic generation strategies on my blog and all these together combined has sent tens of thousands of visitors to my blog. But guess what happened? I lost them all.

When it comes to this don’t be surprised because I’m not alone. I’m not the first person this will happen to and I won’t be the last, but what matters isn’t whether it happens to you or not but what you do about it.

I have also discovered that the more traffic and visitors I lose the more lessons I learn and the easier it becomes for me to make effective use of the traffic I get to my blog. This article will be explaining some great lessons I learnt from getting and losing thousands of visitors to my blog.

1. Preparation is Most Important

The fact is it doesn’t matter how sticky your content is, how great your blog is or how branded you are, you have to understand that you can’t get all new visitors to always return to your blog so you should always do your best to prepare for them.

When it comes to preparing for new visitors to your blog there is no set rule and what you have to do will depend on what the aim of your blog is. If the aim of your blog is to make more long-term income and to get more long-term traffic the best thing to do will be to capture your new visitors to your email list and if the major aim of your blog is to make more affiliate sales the best thing to do will be to refer them to your affiliate landing page. Also, if the major goal of your business is to get more clients you will get more results by referring your new visitors to your services page than to refer them elsewhere.

Know what the main aim of your blog is, direct all your traffic efforts to it and you’re good to go.

2. Make Sure the Day is Safe

When I was still a new blogger I once wrote a quality guest post for a big blog that can send me more than 2 times the number of daily visitors to my blog in just one day only to wake up to see that my blog has been suspended by my host the same day my guest post was published. It was all my fault and it was because I didn’t take precautions.

If you’re expecting an influx of traffic to your blog on a particular day make sure you take other measures and know what to do should there be problems. You should also do your best to be in good term with your host so you won’t be a victim of circumstances.

3. Quality Content is Important

There was a day a single guest post of mine sent me over 1000 visitors. This particular day, I didn’t experience any problem with my host, my blog was in good order and according to me everything was perfectly okay but I made a very grievous mistake most new bloggers make, I paid little attention to my content. The end result was that very few visitors from that guest post ever returned.

People are reading your blog because they want a solution to one problem or the other, not because they are bound to do so. Always make sure you deliver the best of your content to your readers and it will be easier for your traffic to grow.


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