Are You Taking Action?

I read a really good Facebook status the other day: “Make a commitment to stop “learning” and start applying! Start DOING the things you know and generating action. Perfectionism is another word for procrastination and will kill your results. You know more than you think you do… start putting those things into action!” It was posted by Kimberly Castleberry.

How many courses have you purchased over the months or years trying to figure out this blogging thing? The marketing thing? How to put them both together and earn a good living? Quite a few I would guess.

What have you learned? What actions have you taken? Have you taken any actions or are you still trying to learn it all?

You learn more by doing than you do by reading every report or new course that comes out. Most of them are simply rehashed action steps from every other report that covers what you need to be doing. And, if you’re spending all of your time looking for the next report on what you need to be doing, guess what? You’re not doing anything except reading and looking for what to do.

You already know what to do. You’ve read all the books, blogs, ebooks, special reports–they’ve all told you what to do. Put the pieces together and start doing what you’ve been told.

I recently mentioned that being a perfectionist would keep you from making money. In the quote above, Kimberly mentions that perfectionism is a form of procrastination. I’d never thought about that but it makes perfect sense. If you’re busy making everything perfect you are actually procrastinating from doing the actual work.

You’ve read plenty of stuff. You know about email marketing, article marketing, newsletter marketing, video marketing–you’ve read it all. It’s time to start doing it. Take a little time to sit down and make a real plan for getting these things done and start taking action. Get your butt busy, implement some of the things you’ve learned and be persistant. Stop giving up so soon, give your plans time to come to fruition.

Need some ideas of where to start?

Week one: Work on your email campaigns.
Week two: Work on your article marketing campaign.
Week three: Work on a months worth of newsletters.
Week four: Work on another idea you have for marketing.

Repeat monthly!

Spend a little time on Twitter and Facebook each day to promote yourself and others. Don’t forget to share what other people post too. No one likes a self-serving marketer who only promotes their own stuff. Be friendly and spread the word about other people. In time, they will start returning the favor.

There you have it, a really quick and easy plan of action to start getting things done. Marketing is like baseball. You can read about all you want, but until you pick up a bat and have some strike outs, you’ll never learn to hit the ball. Marketing is an active sport that takes practice to master. Stop sitting on the sidelines reading the playbook. Get on the field and start swinging.

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